Deferring to Lion

Quite often I don’t have no opinion on things. I can take it or leave it. I don’t care. There was an attraction I wanted to see. But it was 60 miles away. On one hand, we’re closer now than we’ve ever been or probably ever will be. On the other hand, I do all the driving when we’re away, so did I really feel like driving 60 miles. And back. What are the other options? We could go back to the camper and enjoy the river. We could go back to the camper and watch tv.

Lion likes adventure. So we drive. I drive. And we find things that no one else cares about. Sometimes it’s a fruit stand. Sometimes it’s an interesting rock formation. Sometimes it’s a small wildfire on the other side of the river. And then we go back to the camper and watch the river or tv.

Two things I have to keep in mind are that Lion doesn’t like sitting still for long and that he wants what he wants when he wants it. He was thirsty yesterday. “Boy, I’m thirsty.” “I wish there was someplace to get a drink.” “I thought we could stop there for a drink.” Sometimes he’s just a toddler about things. Sometimes it’s funny. Sometimes it’s not. Yesterday it was not.

I hadn’t slept well, my stomach was fighting me, I was tired, and Lion wanted to go somewhere. Anywhere. Now he’ll say he’s willing to drive but when I ask him he tells me he’s not really up to it. So I drive. And if I’m driving I don’t necessarily want to make all the decisions. Especially if we’re not out there for me.

Well yesterday it did turn out that it was for me but only because we were headed toward the attraction that I wanted to see. And it’s only a little further and we’re more than halfway there now. So we went. And I’m glad we did, but I didn’t want to be the one who decided to go.

I know that’s infuriating for Lion. Why can’t she just make a decision? Jeez! My non-opinion concept creates few ripples for me. Pizza for dinner? (I had pizza for lunch.) Sure, pizza sounds good. Let’s go grocery shopping tonight. (I’m really tired.) Sure, we can do that. but I know it drives Lion crazy.

However, I did make one decision last night that Lion was a fan of. Even though I was tired, I kept my word about strapping him to the bed and spanking him. He had a good time. And despite getting the date wrong, I gave him a wonderful (if I do say so myself) oral orgasm. It should have been tonight. But who’s counting? He can have another one tonight if he’s up for it. The more the merrier.


  1. Author

    I like to say that I have the right to veto, because I rarely want to be the one that makes the decisions, but I will quickly reject any decision or suggestion that I don’t like. Life is just easier if you’re not expected to decide all the time!

  2. Author

    Ha! No. We make important decisions together, though I get the final say on things.

    On unimportant things, if I don’t have an immediate opinion on the matter (say, wanting Thai instead of Italian food, or something like that) I will let him suggest something and then I get to say whether I’ll accept the suggestion or not. I do that with friends too though, so that’s more down to personality than relationship dynamics.

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