I apologize for my melancholy posts lately. I want to share everything that is going on, but I am sure you don’t read our blog to hear us whine about our problems. There isn’t much progress on the job front, but I remain hopeful. Wednesday night after only a three-day wait, Mrs. Lion gave me a surprise orgasm. She led up to it with some serious edging. I was caught completely off guard when she finally kept going and let me come. Wow, what a treat! She also tried out the new bubinga paddle. Actually we ordered it months ago. The first one we received was thin wood and a bit warped. The maker, an excellent and honest guy, took it back and made a new one for her. Custom paddles take time. We once had one just like this one. I gave it away years ago when we weren’t playing at all. It was auctioned to support a local leather organization. Now we have a replacement. This particular paddle (image) is based on one used in colonial times. John Hanson, its creator, told me it was used in colonial times for severe spanking. I agree, it is quite severe.  Based on her recent post, I think I will be getting to know this toy quite well.

Mrs. Lion said that she had something of an epiphany. When she gave me the orgasm Wednesday night, she realized that she enjoyed the power of controlling my orgasms. Up until then, she did it because it makes me happy when she takes control. I’m very encouraged that she is finding satisfaction of her own in our activities.  In fact, I think that we are both learning a great deal from our recent experience, both financial and power exchange. Oddly, the lesson is the same from both: We have learned that nothing will break us apart.

That may sound sappy and romantic, but it is anything but that. Sex in the last years has been very one-sided. As you know, Mrs. Lion’s libido is hibernating. Even so, for the last year and a half she has worked hard to give me a full, well not as much full as exciting, sex life. Since we practice enforced chastity, I don’t get all the sex I want. But what I do get is amazing; so is the teasing I get between orgasms.

Both of us have had bad experiences in prior relationships when times got tough. Deep down inside, I think we had fears that when the going got tough, our relationship would suffer. It didn’t happen with us. There is no blame, no recriminations; instead we have a new determination to work together to get through this. I don’t think there has ever been a time until now when I didn’t feel that unless I performed economically I would lose my partner. My epiphany is that I finally realize that I don’t have to worry about losing Mrs. Lion. The only thing that will separate us is death. Things will change, but it doesn’t matter. We have one constant: our love for each other.