On the Road Again – Again

It seems like just yesterday we were on the road. Well, it wasn’t exactly yesterday. It was four days ago. I’m writing this post on my phone while Lion drives so I apologize for any typos. It’s difficult to type while bouncing along.

Last night we did a bunch of running around to get ready for the trip. Lion was tired and all I could manage to do is unlock him. He’s a happy wild Lion for the weekend.

I left my new paddle home. I have plenty in the camper anyway. At some point we’ll use the restraints in the camper. Since I gave him his orgasm I doubt he’s very horny. But he doesn’t have to be horny to get spanked. It may even spark his interest. Either way, he’ll get spanked this weekend. I’ve been allowing Lion to run the show fora while. Whether we play or not has depended on his mood. I think it’s time to reel that back in a bit.

The area we’re going to doesn’t seem like it has much more than scenery going for it. It’s the perfect time forme to decide when Lion is in the mood. Aside from spanking I have I idea what I’ll do to him, but I have my bag of tricks with me and there are lots of good things in there. I’m pretty sure Lion will have a good time.

The best part is, he’s driving so he can’t read this for a while. He doesn’t know about my evil plans for the weekend.