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During our visit we were out and about and I spotted this wonderful place. How did they know?

We’re home again. The return trip was uneventful. Mrs. Lion had two full days to visit with her daughter. The last time they were together was over two years ago. That time, Mrs. Lion drove seven hours just to have dinner with her. The combination of transcontinental travel and scarce cash makes these visits infrequent. I haven’t seen my daughter in over three years. It’s unlikely we can afford to visit for some time. We are very lucky that we have each other. Going to sleep each night next to Mrs. Lion is one of my greatest joys.

There’s something about enforced chastity and FLM that can cause endless trouble. I’ll get to what that is in a bit. I got thinking about this subject when I was looking at our blog visitor stats. At least twice each day someone spends more than eight hours on this site and reads between 100 and 200 articles. We aren’t all that interesting, but the subject matter is. People who are interested in these subjects start with hot fantasies and in most cases continue by reading everything they can find that they believe shows them their fantasies occurring in real life. There are plenty of sites that feature these fantasies and present them as fact.

In a minority of cases the conditions are right and the fantasies become reality. Granted, real life is very unlikely to be just like those hot fantasies, but it is very exciting. Here’s where the potential for trouble comes in. After a while, FLM and enforced chastity become a regular part of life. That, I think, is a very good thing. But most people, guys especially, have lots of fantasies about many subjects. Sooner or later he will start to wonder if enforced chastity works in real life, why not these other fantasies as well. They range from cuckoldry to homosexual activities; from bondage to branding. You get the idea.

Of course there is nothing wrong about the fantasies or the practices themselves. But there is a decent chance that bringing them to life will also carry some serious side effects. Think back to how difficult it was to establish a working FLM/enforced chastity relationship. Now, consider the additional emotional and time cost of adding a new one. In fairness, there are lots of fantasies that you can easily and safely bring to life. One of mine is spanking and discipline. As lifestyle changes go, these two don’t require much change from Mrs. Lion. So trying them out is pretty safe. But there are high risk fantasies that can torpedo a marriage. They are the ones that involve adding new sex partners of either sex. Most of us have emotional reactions we don’t expect when new sexual partners are added. Sometimes it works out perfectly. More often it causes problems.

The big question is whether adding the new kink is worth the risk and emotional cost that might accompany it. I don’t harbor any secret sexual fantasies that involve other partners. I’ve lived most of that in the past. My fantasies are more centered around power exchange and surrender. I’m lucky. I also waited more than a year after we started enforced chastity before I asked my lioness for FLM. That’s my other point: If you do want to live new fantasies, give the old stuff time to settle.  Each time you bring a fantasy into reality you risk opening Pandora’s box. Ask yourself if it is worth it?

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    Greetings caged lion.

    I would like to start by saying that your blog and FLR to date are the first ones that seem to be by aurinarry people that are in a living relationship.
    I am currently flirting with the idea with my wife (yes, this totally is comng from me) but I’m at the same time struggling with some ideas, mainly chactity.
    1.regular male ejaculations are important to prevent prostatic cancer
    2. What if this is all one sided ?
    Thank you

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