I’ve Lost My Touch

Lion hasn’t been very horny. We’ve both been tired. Last night we tried to play but Lion wasn’t really into it. He asked if we could try again later. Of course! He’d forgotten to write a post for today so he did that. Then he was ready for more.

This time he got excited. But when I went to edge him I went a bit too far again. Ruined orgasm. Damn! I’m out of practice. Or I’ve lost my touch. The obvious answer is to go back to the every night edging. However, with the state of our finances, nightly edging seems like more added pressure. We’ll just continue on playing it by ear for now. Things will work out eventually. My focus is on Lion. Whatever he needs, I’m here.

Today we’re heading home. I still need to give Lion some Good Lion coupons. Even though this weekend was not as awkward for him as I anticipated, he still deserves a reward for it. I have four hours of driving to figure out a good one.

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    It is hard to be horny all the time, or on demand. Lion is lucky you do not get upset, and will give him a pass for another day. I took a lot of passes over the years with my spouse. Now, any pass is met with….what I would expect, “you want what?”

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