I like to play games. Mostly on the computer or my iPad. I like to solve puzzles. I am who the video game was invented for. I just know I can do better the next time. Put another quarter in and give it a try. Many dollars later I was still sure I could do better if I tried just one more time. When I play Scrabble I try to remember obscure words and words that other people have played against me. Sometimes people tell me I’m cheating because I can’t give them a definition of a word I’ve played. So? It’s legal. Does it really matter what it means? In addition to trying to beat my opponent, I also try to beat my previous scores. I know there’s a way to get all three stars playing Angry Birds. Why can’t I even get one star? What’s the catch? What’s the angle? If I just hit that one piece of the wall, maybe then the whole thing will fall down.

My point is, I like to figure games out. Lion gets frustrated with things like that. I know he can figure it out. If I did it then he can too. But he’s perfectly happy with putting the game down or trying something else. I beat him at Scrabble more often than not. Why wouldn’t I? I have a lot more practice. I’m three cities ahead of him in Gummy Drop. He asks me how to get past a certain level and I find myself saying, “All you have to do is…” Truth be told it may have taken me twenty tries to get past that stupid level. I just keep banging away until I get it.

So it occurred to me this morning that games may not be our best bet. Maybe our version of chastity and FLM does not work with points and challenges. I’m not ruling it out. I’m just wondering if we are considering it solely because it works for someone else. We have Good Lion coupons and Naughty Lion coupons. Are they any less valid because I’ve decided to hand them out in what Lion may perceive as a random fashion? What if I’ve thought about all the times he’s done X and decided that he deserves a reward of Y for it? Is that any different from adding up points for all the times he’s done X and deciding when to administer Y? I admit the latter seems more of a concrete arrangement. He can see how many points he’s earned. He knows how many he needs to earn. He can put it on his spreadsheet to keep track of it.

Lion’s post this morning also touches a nerve in the whole points for activities game. He says as soon as my libido is back he’s going to jump on me. No pressure there! Prepare to roll your eyes, because I really think my orgasms should be the result of making love and not based on the points they earn. Yes, I know. It’s all very vanilla of me. Sorry. Not that it matters anyway because I just don’t care if I get orgasms in any capacity. But orgasms for points seems like more pressure on me to have them. In the game we’re trying to develop I put a high value on them because I knew they’d be rare. In hindsight that seems like a mistake. Why wouldn’t Lion want to go after the highest points to get to his goal faster?

On a lighter note, on our way home from our trip I put Lion’s NJoy butt plug in my purse so it would make it into the house rather than lounging in the camper. Yesterday when I got to work I noticed my bag was heavier than normal. Ah. The butt plug was still in there. As I was getting ready to leave work I put my bag on the counter and it made a fairly big thud. One of my coworkers asked, “What do you have in there? A brick?” I smiled and said it sure sounded like it. Good thing for Lion it isn’t brick shaped. That could definitely hurt.