A New Day – Maybe

Yesterday, in her post, Mrs. Lion said she would consider a point system that would work to allow me to earn orgasms. This is a very interesting idea to me. It seems simple enough: Mrs. Lion would award or subtract points for my behavior over a period of time. She could also give me challenges that allow me to accumulate points. When I get enough points, Mrs. Lion can give me an orgasm. She doesn’t have to. She can still make me wait, but it is an available option. If I get more than the required points, I can be eligible for a bonus orgasm at her discretion.

The devil in an idea like this is in the details. To make this work, the point accumulation must be within a certain period of time. Points accrued prior to the start of the current period would not count. So, we need that point-accumulating window. Obviously, only a bonus orgasm would be awarded during the accumulation period. In a sense, it sets a minimum wait. That’s the easy part. How do I earn or lose points? And how many for a given activity?

Up until now we have struggled with making rules and enforcing them. This point system can be more playful since it doesn’t really have to mesh with the FLR rules I have now. Up until now, Mrs. Lion hasn’t shown a lot of interest in sexual games. I have to admit that I haven’t either. Clearly, we need advice. We have one other handicap that most couples practicing enforced chastity don’t: Mrs. Lion has lost her libido. I can’t earn points for giving her orgasms. I would love to, but while she likes coming, she doesn’t want to.

Another issue is that Mrs. Lion doesn’t enjoy the power she has. I have hoped that something in FLM or enforced chastity would amuse her or turn her on. So far, no luck. That means adding a point system is more overhead for her. As she’s said, she does benefit from the improved communications and physical closeness. That’s why she wants us to continue indefinitely. To further complicate matters, Mrs. Lion really likes to give me orgasms.

Clearly we need help. The goal of any game we add isn’t so much to provide a way to schedule my orgasms, as it is a way to add some extra sport and fun. Also, it gives me a chance to affect when I get to come next. So, dice games and other random number stuff isn’t really interesting. Challenges and other activities I do to earn points would probably be the most fun for us both. We don’t want a set of rules that looks like the NFL rulebook. Whatever we do has to be simple for Mrs. Lion to manage. I can take care of the bookkeeping and track points, etc. I track offenses now for punishment days. Even if she wanted me to, I couldn’t come up with stuff that would allow me to earn points.

The obvious choice for earning points, giving my lioness orgasms, is out for now. There must be other stuff; but what?


  1. Author

    Other than orgasms for me, Snake can earn points by writing fantasy stories to me, wearing plugs, which differ in points by size and sending me x-rated pictures. He also gets points for each day since he has had an orgasm.

    This is in addition to any spur of the moment challenges that I issue like the game last weekend. He also loses points for not remembering to be naked when we are alone or forgetting a kiss before he goes to shower, etc.

    We are still in the process of figuring things out for us but I imagine that the game will continue to evolve. It makes it more fun for us when things don’t get set in too much of a pattern.

    1. Author

      I like your game a lot. Mrs. Lion said that she wants to try. Now we have to figure out the details. Would you be willing to share the way you assign points and how many are needed for an orgasm?

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