Mrs. Lion has decided to start a game using points to earn orgasms. I think this could be fun for her and interesting for me. In her post yesterday, she began formulating how the game works. Based on her post, this is what I understand: I will earn one point for each hour holding a butt plug. If I don’t squirm while being spanked, 1 point. If I reach a punishment day with none earned, 2 points. If I squirm -2 points. Failing to be horny on a given day -2 points. Goal for an orgasm, 50 points.

Based on this plan, I would have to hold a butt plug for 50 hours to earn an orgasm. I could reduce that by not squirming or not earning punishment. The maximum for that is 2 points per session. We have 2 sessions a week. Realistically, I might be eligible for an orgasm every two months under this setup. It seems to me we might want to tweak this a bit. Here is my suggestion:

  1. Each day of waiting = 2, 3 if over 10 days.
  2. Butt plug, small 1 per hour, medium 3 per hour, large 5 per hour. Mrs. Lion decides what each is worth. No partial points.

Same deal for punishments, etc. If we do that, I might get an orgasm in less than a month, but it would require other opportunities to earn points. That’s the problem with starting off with just a few things. If the total required is 50, then I should have a reasonable chance to hit that inside of the typical wait that Mrs. Lion wants to set. Extra chances to earn points could be fun (for her). Unfortunately, games like this do require enough opportunities to gain and lose points to realistically give me a chance for an orgasm. This makes it more complex, of course. If the goal is nearly unattainable, I doubt I will try to hit it.

Of course, the big question is, Why have a game at all? The answer isn’t simple. Long term enforced chastity can either turn into a routine where Mrs. Lion’s involvement is minimal (teasing and the eventual handjob), or it can become increasingly interactive where the carrot of an orgasm and the stick of more waiting can be used in an entertaining way for her and sometimes, me. Since I like D/S and Mrs. Lion has learned to be a good top, the more interactive version is what I want. In a more vanilla setting, I’m not sure what the keyholder’s role is beyond withholding orgasms for some arbitrary time.

When we first started enforced chastity, I didn’t really understand the point of so-called chastity games. My view was that this is a power exchange and the keyholder should hold all the sexual cards. That’s the big reason I don’t like using my coupons. It feels like I am taking over when I do. The big benefit of a game is that Mrs. Lion isn’t required to come up with reasons I can or can’t come. In a very topish way she gives me “chances” to earn release. In the strictly BDSM context, as a top I enjoyed games. I liked watching my bottom struggle to get the prize. Now as a bottom/caged male, I want to experience that struggle too.

I’m not sure where this will go for us. Knowing my lioness, we will end up with a point system that works for us. She is very creative and is an excellent puzzle solver. Once she sets her mind to it, she will also find ways to make me struggle for that elusive orgasm. I think that could be big fun.