Past The Point Of No Return

I’m back in my cage after a long weekend in the wild. A year ago I would have missed my nice, comfy cage. Now I enjoy the freedom to pee standing up without the imminent risk of spraying the neighborhood. Sexually, it was no different than being locked up. It shouldn’t be. Of course Mrs. Lion was always present to provide supervision. One can’t be too careful.  I’m nothing if not comfortable with my captivity.

I’m much more than comfortable with the attention I am getting. Mrs. Lion makes a point of providing some sexual activity almost every night. This is a vast change from my pre-cage days. I wish I could reciprocate. I love giving Mrs. Lion orgasms at least as much as she likes giving me orgasms. I have hope that her libido will return. When it does, I will pounce on it immediately. She deserves a lot of credit for her consistent teasing and attention to my enforced chastity. It worries me that she doesn’t get any direct benefit from my chastity. For a while I worried that she would taper off and stop. I underestimated my lioness. When she puts her mind to something she follows through.

It’s clear to me that her decision is to continue with our enforced chastity and FLM. I still have a vote next March, but I wonder if that choice hasn’t evaporated already. We don’t want to return to our pre-chastity state and I wonder if we could invent something that would replace all this if we decided to stop. I, for one, have stopped thinking about life without captivity. What we have now isn’t perfect, but it’s very good and makes us both happy, albeit in very different ways. I guess I have to try to accept that even though in my mind what we have is very one-sided, apparently Mrs. Lion doesn’t see it as gross selfishness on my part. It feels that way to me.