The Square Root of an Orange

Our discussion about our new game seems to have picked up speed and, to my thinking, gone off the rails. I admit, I hadn’t given it a tremendous amount of thought, but I was trying to keep it simple. Lion reaches 50 points by doing these tasks and he gets an orgasm. Done. Yesterday I gave Lion some more ideas for earning points and he ran with it. Really. He was off like a shot. When I got home he had an elaborate chart made. A rolling period of time with points dropping off and points being added. I don’t quite have my head wrapped around it yet.

Last night, as we were talking, I wondered if, instead of having points drop off (or in addition too, what do I know?) we could have a goal that would guarantee him an orgasm. If 50 points gives me the option, then maybe 75 would be the guarantee. Just a little twist on things. I still have to give him a larger list of ways to earn points and maybe adjust the point values. And I don’t have a full list of what would lose him points. We’re really in the beginning stages and I don’t even understand how it’s supposed to work.

Lion has set about figuring out the cosine of the tangent so he can multiply by the square root of an orange. I think maybe I’ll let him figure the whole thing out since I’ve never been very good at figuring out the square root of an orange. When he’s done with his whole presentation of 8 x 10 colored glossy photographs with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back, then I’ll consider it and make any changes needed. Somehow we’ll figure it all out. It may not look like any game either of us imagined, but it will be something we can live with and that’s all that really matters.

I made the mistake of including orgasms for me as part of the potential points to be earned. Now he’ll be trying to get me to want sex even more than he already does. He wants to get points for each orgasm, rather than my just having orgasms. I think I’ll counter that proposal with a certain number of points for the first one and lesser points for subsequent. I don’t want to encourage him to go for all of his points in one session on me. Maybe 5 points for the initial orgasm, three for the next two and one for each after that. And maybe cap it at a 10 point limit.

I think this will definitely be an evolving game. I’m sure we won’t get it right the first time. We’ll forget to include something or that one idea didn’t quite work. I do know that it won’t be the simple little 50 point game I halfway imagined.