Travel Lion Style

Mrs. Lion and I want all the comforts and discomforts of home when we travel. After all, play is certainly part of vacation fun. We’ve managed to work things out so that we can do most anything we want in the comfort of our trailer. Mrs. Lion calls it a camper, but I figure that anything with central air, satellite TV, full bath and kitchen is not rightly a camper. It’s more of a three star hotel suite on wheels. Two Valentine Days ago, Mrs. Lion give me a set of restraints that are held in place by the mattress. We added these to our bed in the “camper”. Mrs. Lion also has a travel bag stocked with paddles, scratchy velcro, clothespins, butt plugs, and lube. Since the trailer sits a good distance from its neighbors (usually) and the walls are well insulated, any sounds I happen to make won’t be heard by others.

Last summer, Mrs. Lion also brought the dog control collar and used it once or twice in public to remind me to behave. That was fun too. Perhaps she will do it this year as well. As you may have read, some of our standard rules are changing for travel: I can stay clothed during the day when inside the trailer. Mrs. Lion is allowing this so that I can do my fair share of dog walking. In the past she was the only one wearing clothing, so she got stuck with taking the pooch out all the time. I will be uncaged while we are away. This is a defensive move caused by the vagaries of RV toilets. Of course, I am also constantly supervised on the road so there is little risk of me cheating. I wouldn’t cheat anyway. Mrs. Lion knows that.

With all the pressure we have on us now, we aren’t doing very well at communicating. I hope getting away for a few days will let us settle down and get to a better place. It’s not that we fight. We just miss cues sometimes. We can do better, and we will.

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    Enjoy! Use the time well. Everything will be there when ya get back.

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