I completely forgot that I told Lion he could be wild while we travel. Good catch, my pet. It will certainly make life simpler for both of us. I won’t worry about forgetting the key and he won’t get a ball wash every time he pees.

Last night around 10 I made my signature move to play with Lion and he said we didn’t have to. I figured he wasn’t very horny so I let it go. Later on he said he didn’t know why he wasn’t so horny. When I said I wondered why he didn’t want to play, he said he could have been persuaded but didn’t think I wanted to. Just because I wait until 10 to do it doesn’t mean I don’t want to do it. We’ll have to work on our communication skills again. Neither of us tends to say what we want for fear of making the other feel bad.

I don’t ever want to demand Lion play when he’s not up to it. We have too many external factors causing problems right now to force the issue. Last night I wasn’t feeling 100% either but that wouldn’t have stopped me from playing. I guess I just need to get my schedule adjusted so I initiate before it gets late. On the flip side, Lion didn’t seem like he wanted to snuggle either. Not that I came right out and said “Let’s snuggle” but my ever so subtle hints went unnoticed. We’re both missing things lately. I blame it on stress and money troubles. We’re just preoccupied.

This weekend should be some relief from that. For the price of a few tanks of gas we’ll be in the hot sunshine which Lion loves. Maybe dip our feet in the lake. Let the dog swim a bit. It’ll be nice to just get away from the same old, same old. We need it.