To Play Or Not To Play

I’m in a much more positive mood now. Yesterday, I had a very promising interview with my favorite company. Of course, that doesn’t mean I will land the work, but it is encouraging. Opportunities for people with my particular skills seem to be more plentiful. It makes things much easier for me when there is, at least, hope. It will be tough going for a while even with a job since we are far behind with our bills.

Financial issues aside, I am surprised Mrs. Lion is on the road to us playing the game. As she grows more interested in it, I find myself wondering if it won’t complicate our enforced chastity/FLM lifestyle. Even if we do play the game, Mrs. Lion is free to give and withhold orgasms regardless of my score. The reason I have been questioning it is that I wonder if playing it will stimulate Mrs. Lion to give me more opportunities to earn points, or will it just be a counter for things we do anyway? One of the key benefits the game has, as played by Snake and his Charmer, is that she has additional opportunities to create challenges for him. Each challenge carries a reward for success and a penalty for failure. She enjoys giving Snake this fun sort of stress. Mrs. Lion has never expressed any interest in such stuff.

I don’t think we would gain anything if all we track are days I am locked up, whether or not I squirm when spanked, and if I am edged successfully. This is what our draft scorecard looks like now. I’m sure that it will change before we actually start. If we do, I figure I can back-calculate the points from my last orgasm on May 30. I will probably do that so we can both get some idea of how the scoring might work. We can also discuss whether we want that score to prevent Mrs. Lion from giving me an orgasm until it is high enough. Since my lioness is not fond of calculations (even if I do them) or planned events, I’m not sure how this will play out. As of now she has said she wants to do it. So we will.

We’re off with our giant camper for a few days away in the hot sun. Mrs. Lion has packed a travel bag with toys she can use to torment me. Last year we decided I would be unlocked while we “camp” (Ha!). The reason for this is that the RV toilet is built differently from standard home models. RV toilets have a gently sloping front wall. This gentle slope turns into a ball-rest for me when caged, so I end up giving myself a ball wash each time I pee. Standing to pee solves that problem. There’s nothing like a 4 AM ball bath to wake a lion up and turn a simple biological function into an early morning project. Generally, away from home it is simple for me to take care of that bodily function. Urinals have side walls that deflect any errant streams if my penis isn’t perfectly centered in its cage. Aren’t you glad I shared that with you?

Tonight is punishment night. As of Wednesday night I have no offenses to punish. Friday night is maintenance spanking night. We will be in our camper then. It will be our first travel spanking of the season. Should we get a cake? We have to install our under-mattress restraints. We needed repairs last fall that required the bed to be taken out. So, the restraints were put safely away. There’s something about away-from-home bondage that feels different and naughty. The weather this weekend is expected to be in the mid-to-high nineties. I’m looking forward to the heat. Our “camper” is, of coursed, centrally air conditioned. Spoilt Lions.

It’s amazing how hope can change the color of life. Even though nothing has really changed, the renewed hope of employment has lifted a heavy weight from my heart. I’m really looking forward to our trip and the fun inside our trailer.