Fun and Games

Lion has our game pretty much mapped out. We may play around with the points, but it’s worth a shot. We’ll tweak it as we go along. Now the question is, when do we start? Or have we already? I don’t know if he has a spreadsheet yet. He might have been counting since Monday. The only thing I said about it was that I wouldn’t count his not being horny against him until he gets a job and we get the bills under control. I figure if he’s stressed the last thing he needs is to lose ground in the game because he’s not in the mood.

When I moved to unlock him last night he told me I didn’t have to play if I didn’t want to. Well, of course I don’t. But I didn’t not want to play. I asked him for the Lion weather report and he was partly horny so we continued. I never decide how many times I’ll edge him on any given night. If he seems very horny I just continue until I think he’s about to break. Sometimes I’ve taken him past that point. Last night I took him a little too far on the first try. He had a baby ruined orgasm. Damn. Not what I was going for at all. I did get a yummy reward for it, but I would have liked to keep edging him.

I’d been thinking about his next scheduled date, trying to decide if it was too close to his last orgasm. Plus if the game is starting, does that change things? Do I want to give him a scheduled orgasm before he earns the bonus? Or should we wait till the scheduled one before starting the game? I have no idea what the rules are. How do the bonus orgasms affect his scheduled orgasms? No wonder I pushed him too far. I need to keep my mind on the task at hand next time.

We head out for our first camping trip this weekend. I made sure I packed my bag of tricks so we can still play. I have plenty of whomping sticks and Velcro. I just need to make sure I being Lion’s key along so he’s not trapped in his cage. He’d be very unhappy with that. We’re still on the edging every night plan so he’d miss three days. Poor boy. I will make a real effort to bring it. It’ll be good to try out our new mattress with some play time.
[Lion — I always have my emergency key!]