Down Time

Frequently Lion will say he’s lucky to have me. And I will say I’m lucky to have him. Then I joke that we probably both used up all our luck getting each other. Times like this make that joke feel like a reality. Lion hasn’t felt horny since his orgasm and not having a job is the culprit. He’s in an almost constant state of worry. One thing he never has to worry about is my feeling lucky to have him. I know we tend to get mushy and saccharin here sometimes, but it’s how we really feel. If nothing else, we have each other.

I’ve tried to do a balancing act between being in charge and being a “normal” wife. Some nights I have to take my cues and realize that he just isn’t in the mood to play. He’ll apologize because he feels like he’s letting me down. I’ll say it’s ok because, well, it really is ok, but also because I don’t want to push him. Other night he’s his bouncy, horny self looking for attention. And that’s ok too. Things are up in the air now. It stands to reason that sex would be too. There’s no reason we have to play. Even if we agreed to it. Stuff happens.

I’m not ready to call a halt to everything. No time out. I think that would make him feel worse. We’ll just continue playing it by ear. When he’s in the mood we’ll play. Whatever I can do to keep the normalcy in our kink I will do.

He really is lucky to have me.

[Lion — Yes I am!]