What Day Is It?

This morning we slept late. We’ve both been having trouble in the sleep department. Lion’s allergies are bothering him and I’ve been in a little pain. It was nice to catch up a little. Lion was on the way to the bathroom when I woke up. He then made his way to the kitchen and fixed breakfast. I asked him if he forgot what day it was. He didn’t have to make breakfast this morning. He said he just wanted breakfast. I thought maybe he was trying to earn some points toward an orgasm. He assured me there was no ulterior motive for his action. I believe him, but it just seemed strange given our recent conversations about games and rewards.

Yesterday, Lion sent me a link to a website. The writer said every woman should try being in charge and there’s really nothing to it. Sure. If you have that personality. I’ve been in charge, both at home with my kids and at work. It’s not easy. For me, at least. What I hear when I read “all you have to do” is just wave my magic wand and things will happen. All I have to do to get a better job is wave my magic wand. All I have to do to be a millionaire is wave my magic wand. All I have to do to have a better behaved Lion is wave my magic wand. Abracadabra! Bibbity Bobbity Boo! Magic.

It’s not magic. It’s work. Of course, the first barrier is actually wanting something. Do I want Lion to be better behaved? What’s he doing that’s so wrong to want it changed? Is it something that can be corrected? I don’t like when he takes the comforter in the middle of the night. Is he doing it consciously? Nope. He just rolls over and it follows him. Will punishment work? Nope. I’d like him to stop dropping food. Is he dropping food on purpose? Nope. Will punishment work? Probably not. Besides that, in a scale of one to ten, how much do either of these things bother me? Maybe three. But Lion wants rules so I make up rules.

Forgetting to remind me about punishment and maintenance spanking night was a self defense idea. He got so mad at me for forgetting punishment night I decided he should have to remember it. He thought I forgot on purpose. Now, when he forgets, he usually says, “But I didn’t think of it!” Really? Are you sure you didn’t forget on purpose?

Most nights we watch Jeopardy. Sometimes Lion answers a question and when the contestants don’t get it he’ll say everyone knows the answer to that. Well, I didn’t. It makes me feel stupid. Everybody knows the square root of X is Y. Really? I didn’t. Everyone knows the chemical symbol for Iridium is whatever it is. Really? I didn’t. Maybe I’ll make that a new punishment. Make me feel stupid and you get some swats. Everyone knows that.

I’m still in search of a game or point system that will allow Lion to earn an orgasm. I was thinking the other day that I still have the Good Lion coupons although I haven’t used them in a while. But their issuance is at my discretion. I think Lion really needs a way to earn points. As long as I don’t have to keep track of them I’m fine with it.