Having a Lion in captivity has worked out quite well for the past 500 days. We’ve had our bumps in the road along the way, but overall we’re happy with the arrangement. Lion does his share of grumbling, both real and in fun, about being a poor horny Lion. And I tell him he should just relax because this is exactly what he asked for. Can’t argue with that logic.

Neither of us knew how successful we’d be with chastity. It is true that I thought it was just a phase for Lion. I never imagined we’d still be doing it. I feel bad that I was so unaware of how badly I was neglecting Lion before chastity. Now he gets more attention than he wants at times. And, although male chastity would lead you to believe he never gets orgasms, he’s had more of them in this past 500 days than he had the year or so prior to being locked away. Poor, poor Lion.

Since I’ve been edging him every day, he’s developed a new quirky behavior. Every time we move out of the bedroom, our dog thinks it’s treat time. Every time I come out of the bathroom (his key is hidden somewhere in there) Lion thinks it’s play time. He perks up and looks to see if I have the key in my hand. “Is it time? Is it time?” Too funny. The past few nights I’ve waited till long after ten to play with him. The first time I was debating whether to not play that night. When I came out of the bathroom he perked up and I knew I couldn’t leave him hanging. Pavlov has nothing on me and my key.

I don’t know about Lion, but I’m looking forward to the next 500 days. Not that he has any choice in the matter. Aside from our scheduled check-in sometime in 2016, neither of us can stop chastity without an act of Congress, and we know how likely they are to agree on anything. I don’t know if I’d make a blanket statement and recommend male chastity to every couple. It didn’t exactly save our marriage because we were doing fine before we tried it. But it has enhanced things a lot. We were close. Now we’re closer. And it has opened up the lines of communication.

It may seem strange to celebrate 500 days. It’s just a round number that jumps out at you. In 47 days, Lion will have been in captivity for a year and a half. But 547 days doesn’t sound as celebratory as 500. It may sound cheesy, but I think every day is worth celebrating because Lion and I are together. I know, now your teeth hurt from all the sugary sweetness. But that’s how I feel and I’m very sure that Lion agrees.