Naked Chef Without Cage

I realize that for the last couple of days our blog has been more culinary than chastity/FLR. We wanted to share more of our lives above the waist. However, even barbecue has a twist here. I’m not permitted clothes at home, so I brave the chilly (40’s) air to work on our brisket (rare view of lion without his cage at the smoker image). The cook lasted more than 15 hours. We let it rest for about four hours, keeping it warm in a cooler (they keep things warm as well as they keep things colde). It was really good! I was worried that I had wasted that expensive cut of meat. To our surprise, the brisket didn’t shrink much at all. We have a lot of meat now! I guess we will be having brisket for dinner for a while. Yum!

It’s been very nice without my chastity device. I can safely pee standing up and my penis is free to expand a bit. All penises have several flaccid lengths. My cage (only 1 1/4″ long) restricts any expansion beyond a slightly compressed smallest measured length. This was intentional. There’s no physical problem with keeping the penis compressed a bit. There is a big advantage: the head is always in firm contact with the front of the cage. That keeps the urethra aligned with the opening in the front. Peeing, even sitting down, can be a ball shower if the urethra is not properly aligned. The barbecue image shows me at a typical flaccid length. It measures about 2 1/2″ (measured underside of penis from scrotum to tip. This is the measurement Mature Metal uses to make cages) long. It easily fits into my 1 1/4″ cage. I like how it looks in the image better than in the cage. If you are trying to determine the best chastity device size for you, consider my fitting. I based my original cage on my smallest measurement, which was 2″. Most of the time, the head of my penis was about 1/2″ behind the end of the cage. The cage was 1 3/4″ long. I had the cage shortened by 1/2″. The result is a perfect fit. Shorter is truly better.

Enforced chastity can be counter intuitive. A lot of guys want cages that will hold their erections. I’m not sure why, but I’ve seen too many forum discussions where many people think this is what they need. Once and for all: Chastity devices are designed to prevent erections, not accommodate them! My Jail Bird does an excellent job of assuring I can’t get hard.

When I took the barbecue selfie, I couldn’t help but admire my stubble-free pubes. I genuinely like not having any pubic hair. It looks cleaner to me. I’m narcissistic enough to admit that seeing that picture is a bit of a turn on for me. I guess it is a good thing that I like how I look down there. Seeing myself caged isn’t so much of a turn on. But then, I’m not caged to be more visually appealing. The chastity device has a more practical value.

In a picture like the barbecue shot, do you think I am identifiable to people who have seen me naked before? I wonder how easy it is to differentiate between male genitalia? My guess is that within limits, we look pretty much the same. If so, why do I find that picture of me so pleasing? Do you find that pictures of your genitals are arousing to you? Let me know.


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    now there’s a photo for the pellet smoker websites!

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    I don’t find photos of my own genitals arousing, but they are usually taken to send to Snake. They aren’t bad in any way to me, just not arousing. I find pictures of his penis arousing. Maybe it is different for women, or maybe I’m just odd. 🙂

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