To Punish or Not To Punish

That is the question. Even though Lion is not working, he likes to wake up and have breakfast with me before I go to work. I usually do the same thing if I’m not working and he is. It starts the day off right. Part of my normal Sunday night routine is asking if the alarm is set. Lion assures me it is and we go to sleep.

I woke up a few minutes before seven today. For some reason I was thinking that the alarm would go off at 7 and all would be right with the world. It wasn’t until it was actually 7 that I realized that the alarm should have gone off at 6:30. Crap! Lion was still sound asleep so I got up to feed the animals and get ready for work. No breakfast for me. No coffee. Just hit the ground running. I did manage to get some coffee in a travel mug and grab a muffin on the way out the door.

Just before I left I went to give Lion a kiss. I may not have had breakfast but I always try to give him a kiss. Even when I leave before he wakes up he always gets one. Sometimes it’s on his shoulder, but it’s a kiss nonetheless. The silly dog woke him up just before I could make it around to his side of the bed. He mumbled something about it being early and I said it was actually late.

I don’t know if the alarm did, in fact, go off but the volume was low or if it never went off. And I should probably set my own alarm anyway if for no other reason than a fail safe. But I’ve been sitting here wondering if this qualifies as a punishable offense. It’s not like Lion stayed up all night thinking about ways to wreck my morning. He didn’t purposely make the alarm not go off. It could have been avoided if I had just set my own alarm. And it seems like yet another piece of electronics is out to cause trouble in the house. The coffee maker leaking is the other one. We must have some bad ju-ju going on lately. Do ghosts migrate in the spring like birds do? Maybe that’s what going on.

So I’m leaning toward not punishing him for the alarm. We’ll just chalk it up to Monday morning. And ghost migration.

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