I’m sure you’re tired of hearing about Lion’s culinary skills by now. You’re not here to learn about cooking. But it’s part of who he is so we’ve included some posts about it. I think the best part of his new toy is that it gives him something to sink his teeth into – both literally and figuratively. It gets his mind off of not working. However, while he’s distracted by cooking, he is less interested in sex.

Last night was play night. He wasn’t much in the mood. His mind was elsewhere. We had just eaten some very yummy ribs and he was awaiting the time to start his brisket. Mr. Weenie just would not cooperate when I tried to get him hard. Oh well. I’d rather have him be less than interested in sex because he’s lusting after a giant piece of meat (beef that is) than because he’s depressed about being out of work. At least he’s happy with the food. And, worst case, I can slather myself with barbecue sauce to turn him on.

Lion has been wild since last night. He had a sore spot and I thought it was the perfect time to clean the cage in jewelry cleaner. The security screw we use instead of a lock,  has been getting stuck on the way out the past couple times. I knew there was gunk in the threads so I tossed it in the solution. A little soak and some scrubbing and it looks good as new. Lion does clean the cage from time to time, but for some reason the threads are just stubborn. I don’t really know why it would get stuck on the way out. It wasn’t a torquing issue. I tried wiggling it. I had to put it back in a little way before it would come all the way out. We’ll see if the cleaning helped. Lion says the sore spot is all better so later today he will be locked up again.

A few weeks ago I punished Lion for spilling water all over the kitchen counter. I thought it happened when he filled the coffee maker. He’s been doing much better since then. However, Friday there was another flood. The problem is that after he filled the coffee maker, the counter was dry. Then, hours later, there was water all over the counter again. He protested that he shouldn’t be punished. I had seen the dry counter. It wasn’t his fault. Gremlins were out to get him. (Okay, I added the gremlins part, but he was clearly trying to get out of a punishment.) And I have to agree. I did see the dry counter. And even after we cleaned it up, a little while later there was more water. We’ll have to investigate further. He won’t be punished for the mess. And then yesterday, while eating lunch, he dropped food on the table. Oops! He will be punished for that. When I mentioned his coupon good for eliminating one punishment from his list he said he might use it. I told him I’d just have to find something else to punish him for. Poor boy. Sometimes he just can’t win.