Lion was a good boy this morning. Not only did he contact me before noon, but he also reminded me that it’s punishment day. Now it is up to me to remember tonight. Last night I gave him time off from his nightly punishment. I remembered early in the evening and then forgot so I decided to let it go. That was not a scheduled punishment day so he gets no swats for not reminding me.

We are two days away from Lion’s scheduled orgasm. Rather than tell him when his next date is I will keep it a secret. I have no idea how this will affect us. Or if it will affect us. Perhaps Lion will like not knowing if he will get lucky on a particular night. Will I remember what the date is without it staring me right in the face from the calendar near the tv? I don’t have a good track record in that department. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Maybe I don’t need to select a new date. If Lion doesn’t know what it is then I can make it any day I want. Maybe we can be like some other couples I’ve read about. Each teasing session the wife/top/girlfriend asks the male if he can make it another day. One more day doesn’t seem like a lot at the time so he agrees he can make it. Before long they have a large wait time amassed. I’m not sure Lion will agree that he can make it another day though. Sometimes he thinks he’s unbearably horny. He can’t make it another day. No way, no how. It might be something to experiment with though.


  1. Author

    I like having a scheduled day but then I also like not knowing when the next orgasm will come. It’s a strange balance between routine and randomness that keeps us on our toes.

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    I can’t even comprehend the concept of knowing when or if I will be able to orgasm next. Mistress K. and I have talked about it briefly but for her, she doesn’t want the pressure of having to fulfill a promise at some point (days, weeks or months) into the future, knowing that things like her mood or my behavior may not warrant a reward like that.

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      That’s an interesting take on the concept.I liked knowing because it was like Christmas; I could anticipate the big day. More importantly, Mrs. Lion could extend my wait and I would feel the pain of seeing Christmas postponed. My next wait will be without me knowing when I get release. It’s a bit scary to me.

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