In The Pudding

You know the old saying, “The proof is in the pudding.” That bit of nonsense refers to the fact that when you prepare something in the kitchen, it can look all wrong, but when finished can be delicious. I baked some cornbread from a package a few weeks ago. I followed the directions to the letter. The batter looked way too watery to work. Mrs. Lion and I thought I must have made a mistake. But, since it was already mixed, I baked it. To our surprise, 35 minutes later, we pulled a perfect cornbread from the oven. You really can’t judge a dish until it is ready to eat.

I think our enforced chastity and FLR (Female Led Relationship) are very much like the cornbread. When we started enforced chastity, it didn’t look like we would ever get into in a real way. Our batter was very watery. Mrs. Lion was doubtful she could assume the role of keyholder.  We went through months of “baking” where I had to drive things for both of us. Very gradually things have changed. Our enforced chastity isn’t fully baked yet. Mrs. Lion can’t easily say no to me. But slowly but surely she has been assuming more and more control of my sexual activity. When you look into our enforced chastity oven, you can tell we have cornbread well along in there.

We aren’t just waiting for Mrs. Lion to grow into her role. I too have a way to go as well. I have become more good natured about my sexual frustration. I am learning to accept ruined orgasms with more grace. I’m trying to be more obedient as Mrs. Lion is learning to be more assertive. What we have now is a fully functional enforced chastity relationship. Most recently, in the face of the serious challenge of my loss of work, neither of us considered suspending or ending my lockup. I think that is impressive and a bit surprising. After all, one of the first things people do in a crisis is to try to eliminate any extraneous noise. Clearly, enforced chastity is not noise to us. It’s a fixture in our lives, good times or bad.

Domestic discipline isn’t even batter yet. We don’t have a clear idea of how we should start in earnest. We have designated punishment days (Monday and Thursday) and I keep a list of offenses. Mrs. Lion is doing practice spanking every night to harden herself about hurting me and learning how to manage my inevitable squirming. I am learning to hold still regardless of how much her spanks hurt. I am not doing well at all at that.

We are assembling some of the ingredients. We don’t know what we will do next. Hopefully, that might come clear. If you are involved in a FLR, perhaps you have some hints on how to get started with moving more control to Mrs. Lion. You probably have a good idea about how we function by now. Any thoughts?