Ruined Orgasms

phone home screen
Using a handy app, my phone’s home screen shows my chastity status. I see how many days I have been caged, how many days to go until my next orgasm, and how long since my last one. It is inspirational and a bit humiliating.

Thursday night Mrs. Lion teased me and gave me a ruined orgasm. This one was different from the few I have had before. I had absolutely no sensation of orgasm, no tightening muscles or contraction that would bring up semen. It felt like I was edged and that Mrs. Lion had stopped just in time. But when she stopped, I could feel myself losing the erection. Then, a small amount of semen came out. It wasn’t the normal flow, but just a bit. Over the next few minutes a little more came out. I think  I could have another erection if Mrs. Lion wanted me to have one. There was absolutely no satisfaction, or for that matter very much frustration. Certainly, I was left as horny as I started. What an amazing exercise in control!

Mrs. Lion wrote that she plans to give me a lot of these. I imagine she will perfect her technique for maximum frustration with no satisfaction. She is well on her way. I think that a few more touches would have perfected it. A good part of my reaction I’m sure has to do with the fact that I have been distracted by my job search. What’s most important is that she has begun to master this very frustrating exercise in male control. Speaking of that, after the ruined orgasm, I asked if I could remain uncaged. I have a sore area where I must have caught the base ring. She agreed but said that she would attach my shock collar in case I needed reminding to keep my hands away.

For me, at least, a ruined orgasm is much more powerful if I have been edged a bunch of times before she pushes me just over the edge. In our ruined orgasm video, I’ve noticed a technique that looks interesting. When the male is very close, instead of continuing the normal masturbation strokes, the woman uses a single finger to stimulate that very erotic spot just below the head. Ruined orgasms are even more challenging for me if I believe that this time I will be allowed to enjoy a complete orgasm. I can feel myself getting ready and then, Wham! the stimulation stops and, well you know the rest. Mrs. Lion lets me ooze for a bit and then back in my cage, sometimes covered in my own semen. Usually, however, the semen is carefully cleaned with Mrs. Lion’s finger and then either fed to me or she keeps it for herself.

Some people confuse ruined orgasm with male milking. They are not at all alike. Ruined orgasm exploits the male physical orgasm process. It supplies just enough stimulation to trigger ejaculation, but not enough for an orgasm. Milking is passive on the male’s part. He is on hands and knees. His top uses a finger or a device to massage his prostate. That causes the prostate to release semen. There is no sexual sensation at all; just semen dripping out.

Why do these things? The simple answer is control, and fun for the keyholder.



  1. Author

    I received a ruined or gas like that one time. My wife didn’t even plan on giving me one that time. I’m not exactly sure of your experience, but for me, it seemed like it actually kept trickling out for a few minutes afterwards, instead of the usual slow steady stream. It was weird, and like you I truly felt no sensation from it. It was very different from the usual ruined orgasm.

  2. Author

    Ruined orgasms are a gift for WLM couples. I have come to be conditioned to prefer a ruined orgasm over a full on orgasm for the reason you stated. I am as horny after, if not hornier than before a ruined orgasm. Mistress appreciates the lustful attention I am more than willing to bestow on her after and being able to avoid a brooding, pouting, not-interested-in-servitude husband for a few days.

    One thing that many other submissive husbands are subject to that I am not is being fed my own cum. It is NOT something I want, which is precisely why it something that I can’t seem to take my mind off of. Having my bottom blistered red because I was naughty is never something I want when it is happening either, but being required to endure it is something I very much want to have to do for her.

    1. Author

      The fact you think about semen eating is exactly the same way I feel. When I have just ejaculated, that interest goes to minus 100, but eat it I do. I like that I am made to do that. It shows my lioness’ control.

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    This is just a general comment. I just found this site. I am going to show this to my wife. She started to spank me a few years ago. She knows I have an interest in Chasity. I feel that this being a real honest site will help her to see that my desire is not to give up being a man.
    Thank you for the site!!

  4. Author

    What is the name of the app and where can we find it?

    1. Author

      You’re referring to the image of my home screen on my phone I assume. The phone is a Windows phone(8.1). The app is the “Day Counter”. Cool, huh?

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