No Coupon Required

Last night Lion was horny. No surprise there. I edged him more than five times. I lost track. Toward the end I started back in on him before he was fully calmed down. That worked twice. The third time he had a ruined orgasm. Perfect! I wasn’t sure if I’d get the ruined orgasm or break him first, but either way would have been perfect. I got the benefit of having a Lion snack and he got the benefit of, well, I don’t know what his benefit was. I guess he got the benefit of not having to eat his semen. He’s still just as horny as ever. And he’s caged again. His sore spot looked better so I locked him away. It’s for the best when he’s this horny.

Afterwards, he rolled over and asked if I would mind making breakfast today. He wanted pancakes. I probably should have made him use another of his coupons, but sometimes I just want to be a wife and take care of him. He’s been craving pancakes almost as long as an orgasm. For whatever reason Lion loves both salad and pancakes (not together, of course), but he hates making them. I don’t really like salad or pancakes, so naturally I am the one who makes them most of the time. Makes perfect sense in a Lion sort of way.

So this morning Lion had fluffy pancakes made for him by his wife, not his top. I know he wants me to be in control, but sometimes I just want to be his wife. Not that I’m not always his wife. And this is where it gets complicated. Am I “just” his wife when he asks me to make pancakes and I make them? Am I still in control because I decide if I will do it without requiring him to use a coupon? Am I thinking too much? Probably. I tend to do that.

Yesterday we were talking about domestic discipline and Lion said some religions practice a form of it. The husband can punish the wife for her transgressions. In the same way, I suppose, you would punish a child for doing something wrong. Then later on in the day, he said something about a book he read a long time ago about a woman who punished her husband when he got drunk. It was at that moment that my stomach flipped and I got one of those what-the-hell-have-I-gotten-myself-into feelings. This was quickly followed by the realization that we are not black and white. We do not tend to go to the extreme with power and punishment.

I am in charge and if I want to do Lion a favor without requiring a coupon, I can do that. I’m always his wife. And this wife always has her husband’s best interests at heart.