Last night at dinner I mentioned that I had seen Lion’s girly panties when he opened the package but they had mysteriously disappeared after that. I wondered if he had hidden them. He got a devilish look on his face. I told him that was fine. I have ways of making him give them to me. It’s all a matter of some punishment swats or postponing a scheduled orgasm. I think he likes that idea.

Is this willful disobedience? Maybe. Is it a new game? Perhaps. I don’t think he’ll push his luck too far with it. He’s not that silly. It’s all just harmless fun.

We also watched a movie last night. The Sex Tape. A couple tried to reignite their sex lives by making a sex tape that is then shared via various iPads syncing together. It was a silly movie, but we realized that it was somewhat similar to our own story. We didn’t necessarily start male chastity in order to reignite our sex life, but it has. And isn’t this blog sort of like syncing our iPad with our readers? Unlike the couple in the movie, who went to great lengths to get their sex tape back, we are sharing with the hopes that other regular couples will have a different perspective to the fantasy chastity sites on the web. We’re grateful that you’re reading.

A little later on I’ll ask Lion for the panties. If he doesn’t want to hand them over he’ll be in for some punishment. I wonder how much he’s willing to take before he surrenders. We’ll see.

Yesterday, in her post,  Mrs. Lion talked about things that I say I don’t want, but really do. Aside from creating the world’s most awkward sentence, I feel that I have to respond to that. It’s true that when Mrs. Lion decided to have me wear a diaper early last year, I immediately purchased a small supply of them. When the diaper wearing continued for more than a few weeks, and I found a brand that didn’t leak, I went on Amazon and ordered a case. It was a big cost saving. Right about that time, Mrs. Lion allowed me to stop wearing them. So, yes we have a lot on hand.

When I started thinking about private humiliation again; it was just after Mrs. Lion announced a new round of diaper wearing. Around that time I had done some reading that included mention of men wearing panties (it was a blog written by a certain submissive bunny). I got that little arousing tingle that can get me into big trouble.

It happened again. I did a Google search of panties for men. There were surprisingly few possibilities. I found one site that looked interesting. The stuff they sold certainly was embarrassingly frilly. The colors definitely feminine. Again, that humiliation tingle. So, as Mrs. Lion says, “Lion being Lion”, I ordered two pair that I thought would be very humiliating.

After ordering, I realized that I might have made a mistake. When they arrived today, I was sure I did it again. I don’t like them at all. Nope, not even a little. They are horrid. I feel like someone who just dug his own grave. Stupid Lion!

I don’t know how others handle power exchange. I love the idea, but when it comes down to me having to do things I really don’t want to do, I wonder what the hell I was thinking about when I wanted it. Those panties, and the diapers are very good examples. Does that mean I won’t wear them if Mrs. Lion orders me? Of course not. I will put them on and will try not to whine or sulk. I managed to live with the nail polish. Boy, did I hate looking down at my bare feet (paws). I will find a way to live with the newest indignities of my role.

This is a perfect case of schizoid thinking on my part. I will hate having to wear those things, but I will be happy that Mrs. Lion is demonstrating her control. Maybe she’s right. This is all just Lion being Lion.

Today Lion’s frilly panties arrived. He called them his mistake. It’s partly true. He got one pink pair and one green pair. If I had bought them they would have both been feminine colors. Maybe pink and hot pink. Or purple. Or a lovely shade of yellow. They do, however, have a red rose on them which I think is a very nice touch.

When will Lion be wearing them? He wonders that too. I don’t think I will make him wear them to work. He already has to deal with not peeing on himself with the cage. And someone might see the cage although I’m not sure how often guy’s look at each other while they’re peeing. Having someone see the panties would be too much. Besides, I think it’s much more of a statement when he’s walking around the house undressed and can see the panties. Like his painted toe nails, it’s a visual thing. Knowing I made him prance around with girly toes and a girly butt is where the power comes into play.

I have to wonder why he’s always so gung-ho about these things. He swears he hates diapers, but if you could see how many diapers we have in the house right now you’d think he was lying. He doesn’t really want to wear panties, but he’s the one who bought them. Right. Sure, Lion. You don’t want to wear them. Wink, wink.

I may let him stew for a few days before I make him put them on. Then again, he might be wearing them by tonight. I also have to decide when he gets his sparkly purple toe nails. Lots of fun ahead for poor Lion.

Last night I asked Mrs. Lion if I could cash my New Year’s orgasm rain check. Mrs. Lion had set two orgasm dates for me: one for December 31 and the second for January 1. Her idea was to ring out the old and ring in the new with orgasms. New Year’s eve was perfect. I was really horny and Mrs. Lion gave me an amazing oral orgasm. She has a magic mouth! Thursday I just wasn’t ready. I don’t know why. I generally crave an orgasm the day after I come. But this time I wasn’t. Mrs. Lion graciously offered me a rain check for an orgasm when I wanted one.

Tonight I asked to cash in that rain check. Mrs. Lion sweetly reminded me that I didn’t have to go for it as soon as I got horny again. I could wait. I told her that I truly wanted to come. In fact, I wasn’t terribly horny, but I wanted sex. I liked the symmetry of a New Year’s orgasm, and I had been thinking about sex all day. So, last night we had some fun.

First, she administered four very hard swats with the nasty paddle since I had eaten before her earlier in the day. It stung like hell! Next, she used her velcro strips to bite into my sensitive penile skin. I hated that, but got hard anyway. The betrayal of the penis! After she had enough fun torturing me, she removed the velcro and began masturbating me. She pulled out a piece of soft rope and tied my balls tightly. When tied this way, they bounce up and down as she pulled my cock. I love how that feels.

Then she got down to business. It didn’t take long for me to show my appreciation. Happy New Year, Mrs. Lion!