Hide the Panties

Last night at dinner I mentioned that I had seen Lion’s girly panties when he opened the package but they had mysteriously disappeared after that. I wondered if he had hidden them. He got a devilish look on his face. I told him that was fine. I have ways of making him give them to me. It’s all a matter of some punishment swats or postponing a scheduled orgasm. I think he likes that idea.

Is this willful disobedience? Maybe. Is it a new game? Perhaps. I don’t think he’ll push his luck too far with it. He’s not that silly. It’s all just harmless fun.

We also watched a movie last night. The Sex Tape. A couple tried to reignite their sex lives by making a sex tape that is then shared via various iPads syncing together. It was a silly movie, but we realized that it was somewhat similar to our own story. We didn’t necessarily start male chastity in order to reignite our sex life, but it has. And isn’t this blog sort of like syncing our iPad with our readers? Unlike the couple in the movie, who went to great lengths to get their sex tape back, we are sharing with the hopes that other regular couples will have a different perspective to the fantasy chastity sites on the web. We’re grateful that you’re reading.

A little later on I’ll ask Lion for the panties. If he doesn’t want to hand them over he’ll be in for some punishment. I wonder how much he’s willing to take before he surrenders. We’ll see.