I Don’t Know Why I Do Those Things

Yesterday, in her post,  Mrs. Lion talked about things that I say I don’t want, but really do. Aside from creating the world’s most awkward sentence, I feel that I have to respond to that. It’s true that when Mrs. Lion decided to have me wear a diaper early last year, I immediately purchased a small supply of them. When the diaper wearing continued for more than a few weeks, and I found a brand that didn’t leak, I went on Amazon and ordered a case. It was a big cost saving. Right about that time, Mrs. Lion allowed me to stop wearing them. So, yes we have a lot on hand.

When I started thinking about private humiliation again; it was just after Mrs. Lion announced a new round of diaper wearing. Around that time I had done some reading that included mention of men wearing panties (it was a blog written by a certain submissive bunny). I got that little arousing tingle that can get me into big trouble.

It happened again. I did a Google search of panties for men. There were surprisingly few possibilities. I found one site that looked interesting. The stuff they sold certainly was embarrassingly frilly. The colors definitely feminine. Again, that humiliation tingle. So, as Mrs. Lion says, “Lion being Lion”, I ordered two pair that I thought would be very humiliating.

After ordering, I realized that I might have made a mistake. When they arrived today, I was sure I did it again. I don’t like them at all. Nope, not even a little. They are horrid. I feel like someone who just dug his own grave. Stupid Lion!

I don’t know how others handle power exchange. I love the idea, but when it comes down to me having to do things I really don’t want to do, I wonder what the hell I was thinking about when I wanted it. Those panties, and the diapers are very good examples. Does that mean I won’t wear them if Mrs. Lion orders me? Of course not. I will put them on and will try not to whine or sulk. I managed to live with the nail polish. Boy, did I hate looking down at my bare feet (paws). I will find a way to live with the newest indignities of my role.

This is a perfect case of schizoid thinking on my part. I will hate having to wear those things, but I will be happy that Mrs. Lion is demonstrating her control. Maybe she’s right. This is all just Lion being Lion.