Silly Romantics

Yesterday I mentioned that my orgasms seemed more like sex and less like making love, which is really what I want. I made the comment that at least I should get flowers. Then I said I wasn’t asking for flowers. My well trained Lion, who always listens to me when I say I don’t need something, brought me flowers. I knew he would the second he said he was getting dinner. Don’t get me wrong, I love the flowers. They are beautiful. I just think it’s funny that he doesn’t listen to me when I’m just giving an example of something anymore than I listen to him when he gives an example and tells me it’s just an example.

Lion approaches this blog as a means to share information about chastity and submission. I approach it as a means to share what’s happening to us specifically. When he writes a post about X, I immediately think, “Oh no! I’m not doing X well enough (or at all). I’m failing my Lion.” Even if he tells me in the post that it is not directed toward me. Even if he says he’s never wanted to try it but knows people who have done it. When I write a post about getting flowers I get flowers. Now, granted, flowers are easier to do than X may be, but the similarities are there.

Anyway, I’ve gotten myself off topic. After he gave me the flowers and we had dinner and skip ahead a few hours, Lion turned off the tv. I was shocked. I know he records all the shows we watch so it’s not like we were missing anything, but the tv was off. Completely off. Not just muted. Not just paused. Off. I can’t remember the last time that happened. We snuggled and kissed and talked for a while and then I discovered something interesting.

We are silly romantics. There was no serious petting or kissing going on. We were being silly. Making each other laugh. There’s nothing wrong with that at all. So we don’t have the rose petals on the bed kind of romance. We have the my-arm-is-asleep and your-hair-is-in-my-eyes kind of romance. And there’s no one else I would rather have any kind of romance with than my very silly Lion.

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