Our Romantic Evening

Last night was Mrs. Lion’s scheduled orgasm. In her post yesterday, she made it clear that she needed more than just simple stimulation. I guess we are different that way. So, I pulled out all the stops: I brought home flowers and fried chicken for dinner. Now that’s romance!

But wait, that’s not all. When the time came for our trist, are you ready? I turned off the TV! Wow! Flowers, dinner and the TV off on a Thursday! That’s the best night for TV. She had to know how in love with her I am. I hadn’t put on any romantic music. Darn! Missed a great move. We soldiered through. I delivered some of my sure-fire repartee which was greeted with laughter. The romance was simply incredible. We kissed and I touched her all over. We both were having a lot of fun. Finally, I moved in for the kill and my magic paw did the rest. I asked how her orgasm was. She replied, “Which one?” Success! I hope that we can do this much more often and that her libido comes out of retirement.

We lay together for a bit and then Mrs. Lion turned the tables. Last night was my teasing night. She did a great job edging me first with her hand and then her mouth. I wondered if I might be getting a bonus orgasm. In fact, she said, “You want more, don’t you?”

“Yes!” I panted.

She said, “More teasing?”

“Sure” Anything I thought. I wondered if I might luck out with an orgasm. She used her mouth vigorously but stopped short of the magic moment. Poor lion!

I’m still wild. I dropped my cage off at the post office this morning. It will reach Mature Metal’s PO box Saturday. It will be picked up Monday and delivered to MM’s shop on Tuesday. They turn adjustments around quickly. Last time, it arrived on a Tuesday and was shipped Friday of the same week. I got it the next Tuesday. I hope that they might be a day or two faster this time so I can have it back next week.

It’s not that I’m not enjoying being free range and wild. It’s just that I miss the damn thing. I have gotten some nice erections overnight and in the morning, but I love feeling that I am not just preventing myself from coming, but that I am physically unable to do it. Regardless, I’m not going to get off unless Mrs. Lion gets me off. That’s what enforced chastity is all about. Only for the next ten days or so, it’s self control and not enforcement. Poor lion.