Sunday is Funday Again

I don’t know if Lion has a favorite day of the week, but it should be Sunday. He gets lucky a lot on Sundays. I bet when I unlocked him to do his manscaping he had no idea how much fun he would have all day.

As I shaved him I played with him. I got him hard and played with his balls. He was very happy. When he was face down I got the idea to use a butt plug. I decided to leave him wild so I could have access to him. Then I painted his toenails.

Wow, that’s pink nail polish! I only painted his bog toes because they are the most visible to him as he watches tv. When he questioned me I offered to paint the rest. He didn’t like that idea. I also offered to buy him some high heels to go with his girly toes. He liked that idea even less.

Lion held the butt plug for about four hours. After I unplugged him he took a shower. He reminded me several times that he was still wild. He’s a good boy. He was even a good boy when I took a shower. I know this because he was still horny.

Eventually I snuggled in to play with him some more. He was very horny. Especially when I started sucking him. I asked him how many days it had been since he came. Unfortunately the blood had rushed away from his brain by this time so he wasn’t sure. It had been three days. Three long days if you ask him. If you ask me too. That’s why I decided to let him come again. The lucky boy.

Now he’s a happy, caged Lion again.