lion toe nails bright paink.
As threatened, Mrs. Lion did a pawdicure on me. She painted both of my big toe nails bright pink. Yuck! She left my other toe nails unpainted saying I can’t see them anyway.

Even inmates in a super max prison get an hour of exercise a day. I get less than a half hour every other day. If you do the math, 99% of the time I am locked in my male chastity device without any stimulation. Every other day, Mrs. Lion unlocks me for less than a half hour for teasing, or occasionally, an orgasm. Other than that, nothing. That’s not as bad as it sounds. If I look at my life before being caged, more than 99% of the time my penis went without sexual stimulation. If anything, I get more now than I did before.

The difference, of course, is that now I have nothing to say about if or when I get stimulated. In fact, I am physically incapable of getting hard without Mrs. Lion releasing me. I could argue that before chastity I could get hard anytime I wanted. I could also masturbate. Whether I did or didn’t isn’t the point. The point is that I decided how much or how little self stimulation I got. Now I get no self stimulation at all. My penis is locked in a permanent flaccid state. I’m not complaining. I am a happy prisoner of love. But I am a prisoner, nonetheless. It’s a life sentence. I am in permanent male chastity.

My main point is that most of the time my penis sits quietly in its cage. It may or may not get as much sexual attention as other penises. My guess is that I do about as well as most; if not in orgasms, at least in female attention. The big difference is that all of my sexual options have been removed. Unlike other, unlocked penises, mine does not get free expression. It can’t get hard if I have a sexy thought or see something very hot. I can’t play with it at all. It’s 100% the property of Mrs. Lion. That is the real difference us one-percenters face.

Yesterday, as threatened, Mrs. Lion did some toe nail painting. Before she did it, she removed all of my pubic and butt hair and then inserted the smaller Njoy butt plug. Once plugged she proceeded to paint the lion pink.

Now both of my big toe nails are bright pink. I hated the long wait until she finally did it. I truly don’t like the result. However, it is what she wants and that is what I get. Here, on the blog I discussed this paint job in the same context as diapers and panties. I mentioned that I found all three uncomfortable, but strangely arousing (not aroused by the toenails!). Actually, it is still strangely arousing. Now I think I understand why.

The Jail Bird is one thing I can’t remove that has the potential of discovery, but is very low risk. Painted toe nails and panties have a much better chance of embarrassing me. Anyone seeing my bare feet will know instantly that “something” is going on. Panties are worse. Just tucking in my shirt at a urinal offers a chance for an unwelcome peek at my undies. The thing is, just knowing it is possible to be discovered is what adds that little thrill that makes me even mention things that I truly don’t like.

For the record, I don’t look good with pink toe nails. At least I don’t think so. I believe panties would make me look at least equally silly. You’ve seen me in diapers (image). Not a very dignified lion picture. It’s obvious why Mrs. Lion likes me this way. It shows me that she is in control. She also finds it funny. I don’t know when (hope it’s soon so I don’t have to worry too much), but in the near future I suspect my underwear will be either panties or a diaper depending on the day of the week. I wonder if my “nude in the house” rule will be changed to require me to wear the undies of the day.