A Diaper Too Far

I really should learn to write down my 4 a.m. thoughts for posts. Sometimes I come up with good titles or good lines. Sadly, by morning, the concept may be there but the gem is lost. Oh well.

Lion made it approximately five and a half hours in his diaper last night before it became apparent it was a bad idea. I thought, since he had originally come up with it all those years ago, that it was not a problem. My twist of having him stay in a wet diaper proved to be too much. And sleeping in it was not possible either. My other error was starting it at a time when we are home for five days straight. Although I did amend that before we started to be two days in, a day off, and then the weekend in again. So, until we find a solution, he is bare bottomed.

One idea might be to limit it to just Friday after work until Monday morning before work. Any longer may just be too much to ask. Another solution might be to allow him to change once the diaper is wet. I never meant for him to be that uncomfortable. I was just trying to show him who is boss. Now he’s worried he’s disappointed me. And, of course, I’m worried I pushed him too far.

Ironically, he’d rather wear frilly, lacy panties than diapers. He found a website that caters to the man who wants to wear such panties. And the man who is forced to wear panties, I suppose. I’m not sure about the panties idea. I know how difficult it is for him to find underwear he likes. That’s hardly the point, but I was never sold on the panties idea. I just let his mind wander for a bit. Last night he said he needed to know what I had planned for him. He had waited long enough. I agreed. So I pulled out my pink and purple purchase.

Lion will have pink and/or sparkly purple toenails in the near future. He was not amused. I am. I thought it would be funny to see him stretched out on the bed watching tv and every so often catch a glimpse of his girly toenails. No one else will know it’s there. Completely hidden by his shoes and socks. But Lion will know. Every time he looks at his feet. Every time he thinks about his feet. He said he’d rather wear panties. Interesting. Something that takes no effort from him, I will be painting his toes, and he’d rather have to wear something.

Stay tuned for updates about the diapers/panties issue and pictures of the lovely toenails. Maybe I should have gotten green and red for Christmas. Darn!

[Lion — I never realized how awful a wet diaper is to wear. I am sure Mrs. Lion will work out the diaper situation to her satisfaction. As far as underwear goes, I have to be honest and say that I am not that fussy. If Mrs. Lion wants me pantied, she shouldn’t worry about comfort. The reason I showed her the Manties website is that their panties, aside from being not my style, are cut for men so there is room for my cage and balls.]