Grateful Lion

Last night Mrs. Lion teased me without mercy. She pushed me to the edge over and over. I loved it! When she finished I was desperate to orgasm. None was offered. I was put back in my cage dripping. I wasn’t mad at Mrs. Lion. I had a great time. For some unknown reason, I was much more desperate than usual. It was six days and that is right in the “sweet spot” of needing to come, but still, this was more intense.

Then she wrote her post for yesterday. In it she promised that while she was grooming me, she would give me a bit more teasing. She was true to her word. While she was shaving and epilating, she got in some rubbing and a bit of sucking. She said,

You must be very horny.

How can you tell (smiling)?

You are longer than usual.

Longer? Well, yes. When I am really ready, my cock gets longer. I suspect most males do too. I said we should do another cast of my cock. But the truth was that I had interest in only one thing: release! After the grooming, Mrs. Lion rubbed my tummy and I scooched up in the bed so her hand could more conveniently reach lower in case she wanted to touch there. It turns out that she did. She played with my cock and I was rock hard and bucking against her hand. She said that she likes to see me squirm.

Was I squirming?

(Laugh) Oh yes.

I could feel myself trying to get the most out of every touch. Then, to my complete surprise, Mrs. Lion moved between my legs and began sucking me. She didn’t stop when I get near the edge. She kept going through an enormous orgasm. Wow, did I need that! I was truly desperate. Could I have waited another eight or nine days? Yes, if I had to. But, I am sure glad I didn’t. In fact I was eying the drawer where I keep my love coupons. I was very seriously considering using one to get off.

I feel much better now. I don’t know why Mrs. Lion decided to show me mercy, but boy am I grateful!