Mad Lion

Lion is horny. Desperately horny. Last night he asked if it was play with Lion night and when I said yes he was very excited. He was hard almost immediately, despite the fact that he had evil Velcro wrapped around him. I didn’t leave it on long. I had other plans for him.

A few days ago he asked to be teased more often and for longer. Well, I didn’t accommodate the more often part, but I did do it for longer. Actually maybe it wasn’t technically longer. I edged him seven times in fairly rapid succession. I got him very close. And after I let him rest a bit I sucked him. He told me I could put him out of his misery. I could, but I wouldn’t. Instead, I sucked him again. Not to the edge, but enough to get him bucking. And then after a rest, another round of sucking.

When I was finally done with him, he was very frustrated. He told me I have a wonderful mouth. And then when I tried to snuggle with him he told me he loved me, but he was mad. Poor boy. Poor frustrated boy. He has eight more days to go. I think they may be the eight longest days he’s had in a long time. I hope he’ll be on his best behavior. Now he knows I’m not afraid to add time to his wait. His next indiscretion might earn him more than a day.

Today I need to unlock him again to do some manscaping. I’m sure he’ll get a few tugs from me. Maybe some more sucking. He might even get edged a time or two before he gets locked up again. Just to add fuel to the fire.