Fantasy Vs. Reality

Last night, Mrs. Lion resumed her teasing schedule. I was much more horny than I had thought. She deftly edged me several times. When she stopped, I was crazy to come. Normally, I am sorry that I didn’t get an orgasm, but last night I was hurting to come. I stayed hard quite a while after she stopped. In fact, I was still hard when I went to the kitchen with her for a snack. The weight of my erection felt odd as I walked. I almost forgot how that felt. I have to wait until Sunday for release. Time will pass very slowly, I think.

I’ve written a lot about turning an enforced chastity fantasy into reality. Most of my comments have been about the demands a typical fantasy would make on the keyholder. That’s not what this is about. This is about a much more subtle issue: her pleasure.

Pretty much every chastity fantasy includes the keyholder getting frequent orgasms while the caged male has none. The ideal fantasy  has the keyholder become more and more sex crazed as she gets turned on by the caged male’s suffering. That’s a hot fantasy! A few lucky guys actually experience this. Most of us, I think, don’t.

In our case it is very different. Mrs. Lion is currently not very interested in sex for herself. So, the sex is one way for now. She says she really likes giving me orgasms and teasing me, but it doesn’t turn her on. She is my keyholder because she knows this is something I want.

When we first started, I made comments about wanting to give her orgasms while I am locked up. It was, after all, in the fantasy. I quickly learned that this wasn’t working for her. The whole point of my enforced chastity is sexual surrender. That means that not giving Mrs. Lion orgasms is just as valid in our case as endless keyholder stimulation is for others. it’s up to the keyholder, right?

Some people have said (and written) that it isn’t “real” unless the keyholder is doing things for her pleasure. That’s just not true. It’s real for me when my keyholder forces me to wait even when I seriously ask her to let me come. It’s real for me when I remain in my cage at times that I truly want out for a while. Each time she says, “No!” I know it is real. One reason I am reluctant to use the “love coupons” Mrs. Lion has given me is because I am, at least temporarily, taking control. I have to work out being ok with that. After all, they are valuable gifts I am expected to use.

All the years I was a top I didn’t always get turned on by doing things to my bottom. Most of the time I didn’t. I was doing it for other reasons. However, it was completely real. She didn’t have the power to stop me or get me to give her an orgasm unless I wanted to. I enjoyed a lot of the begging I got. Now that turned me on.

My point is that it doesn’t matter why my lioness is my keyholder. It only matters how she handles the role. If she exercises strong sexual control she is doing her job. Why she exercises it is none of my business. She is the boss. Only if she weakens do I feel that her control is slipping. She can make me come or not come at her whim. My job is to obey cheerfully and suffer the discipline she chooses for me. Each time she notices that I break a rule and then takes appropriate action I feel exactly what I had hoped I would feel.

In short, whether or not my keyholder wants sex has nothing to do with my enforced chastity. Whether or not I want sex is irrelevant too. That’s the point. Every time Mrs. Lion spanks me or otherwise disciplines me for an infraction, my feeling of being controlled grows. Each time she makes it clear who controls if and when I can orgasm, I feel it. Why she is doing this has no effect on my submission or her authority.