On The Edge Or Over The Cliff

fireworks display
Orgasms are like fireworks. The skyrocket and burn brightly, then disappear into memory. Edging gets closer and closer, stops, and the starts again.

I keep reading that some keyholders and caged males consider an orgasm as anti-climatic and less enjoyable than the teasing leading up to it. This reasoning suggests that orgasms are not only unnecessary, but undesirable for a male. It’s true that the male equivalent to female multi-orgasm is edging. I am capable of being brought to the edge over and over until finally, I lose the ability to reach that point at all. That’s the time it is impossible for me to come.

Mrs. Lion got me to that point only once. It was really amazing. I loved it. I also love when she edges me even if not to exhaustion. It feels great. So, am I agreeing that edging is better than coming? No, I’m not. It’s different, not better. I can’t argue with the fact that edging takes longer and gives me more sustained arousal. Mrs. Lion can keep me going a long time if she wants. If she makes me come, it’s all over. So, from that perspective I really love the edging. The edging gets better each time she does it in a session, and better each session as my last orgasm fades further into the past.

By that reasoning, shouldn’t I want to avoid that orgasm since edging improves the more desperate I get? In that sense I should. At some point though, I do want to have that orgasm. Some keyholders don’t like the relative calm and lack of docility that comes after a male orgasm. Once he comes, they say, he no longer “needs” his keyholder’s attention until he gets horny again. So, keeping him horny, keeps him controlled.

So, two reasons not to orgasm are: excitement keeps growing with teasing the longer the male waits, and he is far more willing to do what the keyholder wants when he really needs sex. Is that true of me? Yes, it is. I dream of the way it feels when Mrs. Lion edges me. I wish she would edge me more each session and have more sessions. I also love when she makes me come. That orgasm after many days of teasing and waiting blows my mind. If she feeds me the result, even better!

Orgasms have their purpose. They can be great rewards. Even though a movie is full of suspense and you don’t want it to end, you do need the plot to resolve. For me, the same is true of my orgasms. I may not get too many nowadays, but they mean a lot to me. The key for my lioness is to find the right balance between waiting and release.