Belated Birthday Orgasm

(Sunday, October 12, 2014) I am finally feeling better. My stomach doesn’t hurt. My energy level is low and I have been napping all day. Sexual interest is back. Mrs. Lion shaved my pubic hair. I was hard the entire time. She played with me a bit and I loved every second. Tonight I should finally get my orgasm. It’s been 12 days. Mrs. Lion is cooking my birthday dinner: osso buco, one of my favorite dishes. Yum. If you haven’t tried it, you might want to taste for yourself.

We still have one birthday treat to do. Mrs. Lion is going to spank, peg, and otherwise torture me followed by an orgasm. We won’t do that tonight. I’m not ready for that much activity. I am very very much ready to come. I can’t wait.

Between naps I read some of the various blogs and forums. It crossed my mind that a reasonable number of men who introduce chastity into their relationships do so because of an issue with their partners. Some say that their keyholders don’t like semen. The chastity experience offers opportunities to reduce or eliminate keyholder contact with the stuff. A few have wives who just don’t care for penis.

If a woman doesn’t like penis, but for some reason is otherwise happily married to a man, then I would guess that over time, sex would get less and less frequent and even masturbating the male would taper off. Introducing chastity would, hopefully, create a treaty of sorts where the male would get infrequent, but regular release. From the male’s point of view, the lack of frequent release is replaced by the excitement of power exchange, buildup of desire, with a  nice orgasm every so often.

This is a very nice use of chastity play. It’s a sexual compromise where everyone wins. In my case it’s not like that.  Mrs. Lion likes my penis and truly enjoys my semen. I like giving her the power. I love that our chastity activities have revived our sexual communication. I’ve heard so many people say that kinks hurt relationships. This kink, at least, is helping us and also appears to help people with other penis-related issues.