This was going to be a wonderful week. Mrs. Lion planned an amazing birthday dinner for me. She gave me a very cool collection of coupons for lots of fun things. All this was going to happen on Thursday night. Unfortunately I had a huge stomach ache. The doctor thinks it might be a stomach flu. So Thursday night was out. I was in too much pain. Friday morning was better. I spent the day in bed. Friday night I hoped for some fun. Mrs. Lion unlocked me and tried to get me hard. No luck. My stomach started hurting again.

Friday was out too. Saturday morning was no better. I took some ibruprofin and felt a bit better. It is dinner time now on Saturday night (you’ll read this Sunday). I am not hurting much, but my libido is gone. I think that tonight is going to be a lost cause as well. Tomorrow is another day.

I’m still uncaged (wild). There is absolutely no risk of me playing with myself. It wouldn’t do any good. In the fantasies, caged males never get sick, so every day is a three-ring sexual circus. In our real life, sexual activity including chastity will have to wait until I am better. I do miss my cage, but Mrs. Lion is right. There’s no point adding something that might make me more uncomfortable.

So, no excitement in the lion den. Mrs. Lion bought some veal to make one of my favorite dishes. We will probably have to eat it tomorrow. I hope that tomorrow I will be able to tell you about my birthday play and orgasm. For now all I can do is schedule this post and go back to bed. Sorry.