No Rush

Poor Lion is still not feeling well. Yesterday he said he was feeling well enough for his birthday orgasm but not the full birthday treatment. As the night wore on he said he was fading fast. I set to work on him.

The fastest, easiest way to get Mr. Weenie’s attention is with my mouth. Very rarely can he resist me. Last night was no exception. There’s been some debate about whether waiting longer makes him have more ejaculate. It’s been quite a while since his last orgasm. He’s also been sick. I had no idea how much or how little I’d get. I just wanted to give Lion his long awaited release. I was treated to a very nice Lion orgasm. Yummy.

Lion has been wild since Friday night when he hoped to have his orgasm. It made no sense to me to lock him back up. He was so tired and unhorny I figured there was no risk of him playing with himself. Actually, I don’t think there’s ever a risk of him playing with himself, but certainly not now. Last night I was going to lock him up again until he asked to be left wild for another day. Then I decided he could be uncaged until he feels better. I believe him when he says the cage is comfortable. I just don’t see the need to add the hassle of the cage while he’s not feeling well. He’s not getting away with anything. Part of my job as keyholder is to make sure Lion is safe and well taken care of. Making him comfortable is part of that.

I’m thinking it will be at least three days before Lion kicks his virus and feels well enough to have his full birthday treatment. There’s no need to rush. Those plans have no expiration date.