Plans for Lion

By bedtime Tuesday, barring any unforeseen circumstances, Lion will be recaged. I’ve decided his next orgasm will be on September 9. He will have the opportunity to earn both rewards and punishments. I will determine if the rewards and punishment change that date. He may earn swats instead of time added, for example.

I have also decided that if he does, in fact, earn an added day, he cannot use a love coupon to nullify it. That would be cheating, my pet. However, I never really addressed using multiple coupons at once. Assuming he has not earned the addition of another day or more, could he use two coupons to move his time up by two days? Or could he move up a day and be allowed to choose the type of orgasm? I think I will decide for each wait time. This time he can use multiple coupons with the exception of not being able to deduct a day if he earns a day as punishment. If I do not give Lion specific rules at the beginning of a wait time then he may use any combination of coupons.

Lion is correct. I will begin anal training again. It made no sense to do it this weekend because he was sick. By next weekend he may be sorry he feels better. With no more trips to get ready for, I’ll have plenty of time to pay attention to him. As he knows, attention is not necessarily a good thing.