Sometimes Lion amuses me. First, I think he capitalizes on my poor memory. Then he tells me how the coupons should be redeemed, always careful to add “if it were me” somewhere in the conversation. Then he writes about it as if it is written in stone. What he never seems to remember is that anytime I say “ok” during these conversations it’s just an acknowledgement of what he said. He’s not running the show. I will take in all information and suggestions and form my own decision.

Now, I did initially say that if he redeemed his Orgasm of his Choice coupon, it would restart the clock. For this specified wait time I told Lion he would have a chance to earn both time off and time added. I then told him that if he earned an added day he would not be permitted to use a coupon to negate that added day. During the conversation in the car, he said if any time is added the coupons should not be allowed to be used. Then he further said if he earned time added it should be for more than one day because one day is nothing. This is why I hate making rules. They are too hard to keep track of. Days off. Days added. The party of the first part, henceforth known as…. It starts getting as complicated as lawyer gibberish. (No offense to the lawyers out there.)

Who is making the rules? It should be me. I will entertain his suggestions. In entertaining those suggestions I may say “ok”. This should be construed as an acknowledgement of hearing the suggestion. It should not be taken as an acceptance of how things are going to be done. I don’t want to keep track of a week added onto a “sentence”. Why did I pick September 9 as his next orgasm date? It’s easy to remember 9/9. Done. Why was I toying with September 30 and October 9? 9/30 and 10/9. Easy dates for me to remember. Once we start adding days and subtracting days it becomes less easy to remember. A week may be impossible. I don’t need added chores.

I said I would figure out the conditions under which the coupons can be used when I give him the next wait time. I’m thinking I will just let him use the coupons in the spirit in which they were intended. After this wait time, he can use them however he wants, regardless of whether I have added or subtracted a day. If he uses his orgasm coupon I’ll decide then if it changes his original date.


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    That sounds like more trouble then fun. I’m caged .get out when she say.,,

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    Sounds to me like he is trying to guide you down his garden path and you are letting him . Go ahead let him for a bit and then maybe out of the blue a severe discipline session so that he knows his attempts to run the show were not only noticed but not needed . Time for a major attitude adjustment

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