We arrived home safe and sound with me still wild. I know that sometime after my shower tonight, the cage will go back on and I will be waiting again. Last night I got another wonderful oral orgasm. Mrs. Lion took me to the moon and back. RV sex is wonderful. Who am I kidding? Sex is wonderful. Mrs. Lion has honed her lion-stimulating skills to a razor’s edge. Last night was truly memorable. We were vacationing at the shore enjoying the ocean views and the clear, blue sky. It was a great change of scenery. All that beauty and being wild at the same time. Wow!

Clearly, Mrs. Lion is bringing things back to normal. I noticed she had my “Naughty Lion” coupon on the bed. She commented that I must have stolen the others. What others? She said she took a number of them with her on our trip. She had all of the blank “Good Lion” coupons, but the “Naughty Lion” coupons were missing. Did I know anything about their disappearance?

No, of course not.

Are you sure?


She smiled and told me that she believed me. I would never steal or hide her coupons. More important, she noticed they weren’t there. I really love that Mrs. Lion is thinking about keeping me caged, tracking naughty behavior, and administering discipline. I know that she may not be love all aspects of our chastity lifestyle, but she seems more comfortable. I am grateful for that.

Now I have to do my part and not over think. I am a very happy lion.