At Last!

(Monday, September 1, 2014)  Now that it is the last day of our vacation I am over the food poisoning I got Friday night at our hotel/RV park. Saturday night I was feeling a lot better, but as I wrote yesterday, mid blow-job I just lost arousal. That worried me. Last night Mrs. Lion tried again, this time with the expected result. I was relieved. I’m not completely over the food poisoning. My energy is lower than usual and I have a dull ache in my stomach.

It’s a good thing that I am wild this weekend. It would have been very difficult dealing with the cage and trips to the bathroom every ten minutes. We are also behind on Mrs. Lion’s goals and my discipline. Out of pity, Mrs. Lion hasn’t redeemed my naughty lion coupon. I still have four hard swats coming. She also hasn’t done any anal training — a good thing with how sore I have been back there. Now that I am better, I expect that both will be handled tonight.

We go home tomorrow. When we get there, one of the first things that will happen is that I go back into my cage. As Mrs. Lion and I have discovered, my cage isn’t really to prevent me from unauthorized masturbation. With or without the cage, now that Mrs. Lion is in charge, I won’t cheat. But we have learned that the cage is a powerful symbol that reminds us both to keep sex in the foreground.

I was curious to see what would happen this long weekend with me running wild. I wondered if things would change because I am am uncaged. Would we go back to our old patterns and ignore sex; or would things continue the same way it did while I was caged? Unfortunately, I got sick and all bets were off.

Our chastity lifestyle clearly takes time to establish. Six months appears to be just the beginning. We are still discovering what works for us and, of course, what doesn’t. There is no right or wrong way to do this. We haven’t begun to try all of the options available to us. Change — real change — is slow. I am beginning to think that it will take us all the way to March 2016 to find out exactly what chastity means to us. That’s when we can decide to quit or go on. Based on our progress to date, I think we will go on forever.