Just a Few More Days

Lion is a very horny boy. The other day, in the middle of the kitchen, I started fondling his butt. He was purring so much I wonder if he tried to get an erection. Then yesterday I unlocked him to do some manscaping. Of course, I never just do manscaping. I always play with him a little bit. A few strokes of his cock, some ball squeezing, a little more rubbing his buns. When I was working on his backside he let the tip of his penis poke between his legs. I don’t know if it was on purpose or not but I couldn’t let it go unnoticed.

When I was done I informed him that he would remain wild until he showered and eventually I would play with him. He asked if I thought I could trust him. I told him if I started to play with him later and he wasn’t immediately at attention I’d know he’d been naughty and he might get some of that punishment he craved. He promised to be good. He was, indeed, a good boy. Hours later, after his shower, he was ready for some exercise.

I got a small bag of tricks, as I like to call it, with clothes pins and Velcro in it, and proceeded to make his balls look like a porcupine. I’m sure not all of the clothes pins hurt but some of the more strategically placed ones hurt a lot, and I’m pretty sure the ones that don’t necessarily hurt add to the overall pain. And just to make sure, I pull on them all to heighten the experience. Eventually I swapped out some of the regular clothes pins with ones that have the no slip tape on them. Similar to Velcro, it’s like hundreds of tiny teeth biting into the delicate skin. Of course, I stroke his cock from time to time to keep him happy. The movement also causes the clothes pins to wiggle and I’m sure that reminds him they are still there.

Eventually I took them all off and just concentrated on playing with his cock. I always think I’m just going to tease him and not edge him. Just enough to get him hard, but not enough to really get him going. And then I give in and edge him anyway. It’s nothing he’s doing. I just have limited self control when it comes to teasing him.

I’m not sure how I feel about multiple ruined orgasms. I like watching him squirm, but it increases the chance of my going too far and giving him an actual orgasm. We’ll have to play with it and see. Luckily I have a willing guinea pig to experiment on.

At this point, my Lion remains horny. And he will stay that way until Thursday night