Anniversary Weekend

spanking spoon
Mrs. Lion’s travel wooden spoon is about 24 inches long and very thick and heavy. She spanks me with the back of the spoon. I can’t help but squirm with each swat.

(Sunday, August 17 2014) Friday was our ninth anniversary. We took our trailer to a great state park. As Mrs. Lion wrote, she decided to give me an orgasm a day early in celebration of our anniversary. True to her word, she unlocked me at bedtime and gave me a wonderful oral orgasm. It wasn’t all fun though. Before unlocking me, she spanked me for eating first and dropping some food. She chose a very heavy wooden spoon to do the job.

Each swat stung so much I couldn’t help squirming. Fortunately, she was in a good mood and only hit me four times. To tell the truth, Mrs. Lion never gives me many hard swats. She still can’t quite bring herself to do that. I wish she would be a bit sterner. I think the lessons would be better learned and it is a longstanding fantasy. Having said that, I know full well that when I am lying naked on the bed, I will deeply regret making this wish. That’s the punishment paradox with me. I really want more, but absolutely hate it when it happens. I guess I love to hate that pain.

Once she let me roll over, I was treated to some nice teasing and a great oral orgasm. Wow! I had been waiting five days by Friday. It was amazing! She let me stay wild all night. I particularly value that when we travel. Peeing is always something of a challenge, but in our trailer the toilet makes it messy to sit and when I stand, there is always some risk of spray or of the stream starting off target. When wild, I have much better control.

Saturday morning, when I went into the bedroom to dress, the Jail Bird base ring was waiting on the bed along with the shock collar. I got the hint and put on the ring. Mrs. Lion came in and put me in the cage. I put on the shock collar and finished dressing. I spent the day in the shock collar. Mrs. Lion didn’t use it once. Just knowing she had the remote hanging around her wrist made me very careful to be a good lion. We’ve been using the collar for some time. Even when I see Mrs. Lion pushing the button, the sensation is still a surprise. I don’t seem to have the ability to remember how the shock feels and prepare for it. I think this is because there is no aftereffect to the sensation. I feel it and then it is gone.

Last night I asked if I could be wild again. Mrs.Lion agreed. She knows how much trouble using the toilet is in the trailer. We’ve dressed for the day now (Sunday). I reminded Mrs. Lion that I am still wild. She said, “I know.” I guess I will have a wild day. When I woke up this morning I was very hard. It was nice to feel that again.

As well as letting me sleep wild, Mrs. Lion offered to give me another orgasm. I asked if we could wait a day. I know you are thinking, “Is he crazy? What caged male will turn down an orgasm?” I did.  We had a busy, tiring day and I knew I wouldn’t enjoy the orgasm as much as I would if I waited a day. Mrs. Lion agreed to wait. With any luck I will have another tonight.

I know the cage will go back on. On only two occasions have I been out of the cage for more than a day. Mrs. Lion hasn’t mentioned how long I will be waiting for my next orgasm. I have to admit I am curious. She has also not done any anal training in a while. I am sure that will resume soon too.

This weekend was all about how much we love one another and marveling that even after nine years of marriage and twelve years of being lovers that we are more deeply in love than ever. I am definitely the most lucky lion in the world.