I left Lion wild for the trip home. He’s still wild. He will be locked up later. It’s not that I don’t want him locked up. It just makes more sense to me to have him be comfortable when we are travelling. Besides, I’m the one who cleans the bathroom. If he sprays pee all over the place, I have to deal with it.

I told him I was thinking about unlocking him before we leave for our last trip of the year on Labor Day weekend. He said he didn’t think he needed to be unlocked that long. I reminded him of the long, potentially pinchy drive. He sighed and said he would appreciate not being locked up. This means I will have to be more strict in other areas. Perhaps he will still have to wear the shock collar. Maybe he will get shocks for more reasons or for no reason at all. Perhaps he’ll have to make breakfast every day we are away instead of just the weekend days. Perhaps he’ll have to take the dog out for her endless trips to sniff the world and pee. If I have relinquished my power by removing the cage, then it stands to reason I will have to gain that power back in other ways. I have a little over a week to figure it out.

Now for the other reason I left him uncaged. Ease of access. Last night I decided to ride him. Sure it was mostly for his pleasure, but I’m thinking tonight I might want to ride him for my pleasure. Ordinarily I’d have to stop the action and unlock him. Since he’s already unlocked I can use my cock for my pleasure and then lock it back up. I haven’t decided if he’ll be allowed to come or not. He’s had a very good weekend. Some of you would say too good. Once he’s locked up again I’ll tell him how long his wait will be this time around. There are eleven days till he’ll be unlocked for the trip. Does eleven sound like a good number? I bet he won’t think so. There are worse numbers.