The Frustrated Lion

No, he’s not sexually frustrated. Right now he’s a very allergic, non-sleeping frustrated. So last night when he asked to be wild I allowed it. Of course he was horny even though he’d had an orgasm the night before, but mostly he was uncomfortable.

I’m not worried that he’ll masturbate. I’m not worried that he’ll cheat. I’m never worried about those things. I am worried about Lion’s we’ll being. He would happily stay in the cage if I didn’t want to let him out. It’s not the cage that’s bothering him. Trying to make sure he doesn’t spray pee all over himself and the floor, on top of being a tired, itchy mess is what’s bothering him.

I may be able to help with the itching part. I can brush the dog and vacuum. No more itching may help the sleeping part. But what I could do for him immediately last night was uncage him. So I did.

When he asked me to cage him, he gave me power over his penis. My penis. I decide when it’s locked up or not. He was not topping from the bottom when he asked to be wild. It was my decision. And I decided he should be more comfortable. Last night. Tonight he may uncomfortable again, but this time it will be my doing.