Chastity Fatigue

frustrated lion
Sometimes I just wish my cage were off. Those are the times I realize I am not in charge.

The temptation is always to write about the sexual side of chastity: the teasing, playing, and of course, orgasms. All this sexual conversation makes forced male chastity seem like a non-stop sexual journey. That’s simply not the case. I’m in my cage almost all the time. My releases are generally short and sexual in nature. I suppose if I average it all out, I am locked up over 95% of the time. If I look at what I have written, almost all of my posts are about the 5% when I am wild. What about the other 95%?

Most of the time I am not aware of my cage and I don’t think about it. I often think about the fact that I am caged, but I don’t spend my days and nights pining away to get sexual release. Like most males, I think about sex frequently, but not for long periods of time. My focus has to remain on my job and tasks like driving, reading, etc. The cage, however, remains in place all of the time. When I am aware of my cage it is usually because it becomes a bit uncomfortable. Sometimes, when sitting in the car or at my desk, my underwear can pull up and I get some irritation from the base ring. A quick adjustment and all is well. The other time the cage is a real bother is when I need to pee. Even though the new cage keeps my urethra generally centered, the pressure of the cage can cause a bit of spraying. Also, aim isn’t very easy due to the cage’s short length and the curve that keeps my penis pointing down.

My point is that forced male chastity isn’t a non-stop, sexual wild ride. It has its moments, but by and large it is an inconvenience to be endured in order to provide the keyholder with absolute sexual control. The knowledge that Mrs. Lion has that control is, of course, very exciting to me. But that doesn’t change the reality that I frequently spend twenty-four hours a  day locked up. I’m not complaining. This is exactly what I want.

There are times I really wish I were wild again. I do get tired of the complications of peeing while caged. I don’t like it when I have to adjust when sitting, particularly in the car. The sexual frustration sometimes irritates more than excites. Mrs. Lion calls that lion grumbles. I do grumble. Frustration in one sense is exciting and I like that Mrs. Lion forces me to feel it. In another way it is annoying. Of course, that’s the point. Being “forced” to do what you want to do anyway is hardly control. Real control is felt when I have to do what Mrs. Lion wants and not what I want.

The flip side of this frustration is fatigue. Sometimes I ask myself it all this is worth it. In my case it is. So much has improved in my life as a result of being caged that the inconveniences are trivial in comparison. Of course, the very fact that I do get tired of being caged and wish I were wild again is another indication that it isn’t under my control. I can’t take it off and run wild just because I don’t feel like being locked up. That is the entire point of forced male chastity. I can be as tired of it as I want. I can whine, complain, and demand release but I won’t get it. You know what? That’s the entire point of the game.

So, if you are new to this or you are contemplating beginning,  be aware that you will have times you just want to be free; not so much to masturbate but just because being caged is getting on your nerves. If you are caged and share these feelings, it’s important to recognize that the frustration and annoyance serve to prove that you are no longer in control. And that is why we asked to be locked up in the first place.


  1. Author

    For us men that are caged full time the cage becomes part of you it’s like wearing a comfortable watch that just never comes off . Over a period of time your mind moves from the sexual phase to the resigned phase . I was cage a few years ago for two years solid with no release you get used to it . I am now caged again and have been for 6 months my release date is June 15 2015 and that date is only a date to discuss for how long before I am returned to the cage . The keys are not even in this state so panic and desperation to get out is kind of pointless to me . So enjoy it as you can get to a stage that you never want it off

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    I know exactly where you are coming from. Is it a blessing or a curse? I am finding out that chastity is not about cumming but about NOT cumming! One week with a quick release and now 19 days I am fit to burst.The fatigue I hadn’t bargained for!

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    If woman only knew how to properly control their men their would be no divorced couples . Most men are only as loyal as their options so once you take the options away they become on the straight and narrow . No more jumping the curbs , masturbating and porn viewing. I actually a get more done in life not having to worry where my next orgasm is coming from.,just knowing it won’t be anytime soon. Woman should know a mans dick can be a curse to him but he will never talk about it

    1. Author

      That is one view. I don’t agree with it. I think most of us have the self control necessary to avoid cheating, unauthorized masturbation and porn. However, those of us who wear chastity devices do so because wearing the device meets a personal need. I am very sure few women would actually want a serious relationship with a man who couldn’t control his penis.

  4. Author

    I really enjoyed your post. I would agree a great deal about what you said. Once you get past the “sexual” build of wearing the device it become second nature having it on. Yes when she touches or says the right thing, looks at you or looks a certain way, that device proves its place. But day to day, it just becomes a pinch, a poke and a reminder of your devotion to your wife. I found that after a few months without a release, I don’t really want a release anymore and find the connection and sexual experiences we have with me locked and focused on her much more satisfying that a quick release and orgasm.

    Thank you for posting a great post.

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