Where I Am Right Now

Lion and I just came through about a week or so of the doldrums. Neither of us cared too much about playing. He wasn’t interested in an orgasm, nor was I interested in giving him one. We’ve been out of the doldrums for a week or so. My theory about not having a specific wait time is still in play. The other day when I gave him an orgasm, it wasn’t because I absolutely had to give him one and he didn’t seem tree-humping horny. I just did it because, well, because I could. I guess, in that respect, it was the way things should have been in the bad old days. BC (before cage). I’m still wondering if I pick a number, will it change the dynamics? Will my need to give him an orgasm become more urgent? Will he become massively horny again? Whenever he gets his next orgasm, I will pick a number so we can test the theory.

I also wonder if the number has anything to do with my horniness level. I was slightly hornier pre-doldrums. Not that I would have considered myself “cured”, but I wasn’t as blase about sex as I am now. Could his wait time do anything for me in terms of wanting sex? It’s all part of our little experiment.

As far as the cage is concerned, I’m not sure what Lion was worried about. It’s not going anywhere. He just had a mini vacation from it for one day. I never put it away. It was always sitting there well within sight. Just waiting to be secured again. And if he had said he didn’t want it on anymore? Well, our agreement is that he will be caged until sometime in 2016, so without a major discussion and a finding in his favor by Judge Mrs. Lion, he will be caged. That also means that I cannot arbitrarily decide that he doesn’t have to wear it anymore. Except for mini vacations. Because mini vacations are well within the jurisdiction of Mrs. Lion. So, not to worry. Lion is now and will be caged.