Lion was wild for 24 hours. It may be the first time he was wild for that long just because I felt like leaving him uncaged. There were no doctor visits. No sore areas that needed healing. No mutiny on Lion’s part. In fact, I think he was anxious to get back into his cage.

Last night I didn’t spank him or really even touch him to get him warmed up. I simply asked if there was a horny wild Lion around and his weenie answered me by springing to life. Apparently his ruined orgasm had done nothing to help his horniness.

I opted for a blow job again because that’s what I had intended to do the night before. And, let’s face it, I feel more powerful when I’ve sucked him dry than when I make him eat it. I may be in the minority, but I love giving him blow jobs. And he’s told me many times that I give the best ones he’s ever had.

I didn’t exactly edge him. I just started and stopped at random times to get him riled up. It seems to have a similar effect. His hips start bucking and he does his little moans. And then I stop moving. I know he’s not as close at those times but it’s more difficult to tell. I can’t exactly watch him with my face buried.

Just before I was going to finish him off I asked if he would rather come or be wild another day. It was probably an unfair time to ask. He was so excited. He chose an orgasm. I reminded him of the long drive and asked if he wouldn’t be more comfortable wild. Not surprisingly, he wanted his orgasm. He said he would choose that any day. Perhaps we’ll put that to the test sometime. What other things might Lion want in lieu of an orgasm? I did tell him I would try to think of ways for him to earn wild time. So far I haven’t been very good at rewards and punishment, but we both hope I can figure it out.

For now, Lion is safely locked away. I’m sure he feels much better, both because he had his orgasm and because he didn’t like the idea of being wild for too long. He needn’t worry. Even if he had chosen to remain wild for our trip home, he would have been caged by bedtime tonight.